Reasons to Avoid DIY Ant Control in Vancouver

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Have ants infested your home in Vancouver? Now you are trying to get rid of ants from the property yourself. However, every attempt you are trying to get rid of ants isn’t working. More often than not, DIY ant control in Vancouver fails, and there are several reasons for it. We shall discuss those reasons with you, but before we do, you need to know the names of common ant species in Vancouver. The common ant species that can infest your home in Vancouver include carpenter ants, pavements ants, fire ants, and Pharaoh ants. 

Reasons You May Fail at Ant Control with DIY Remedies 

Here are the reasons you may fail at ant removal in Vancouver from your home:

Using the Wrong Bait and Bait Aversion:

You have set up an ant bait to get rid of ants from your beloved home. Nonetheless, ants are avoiding the bait you have set up. It can happen when you are using the wrong bait for specific ant species. For example, odorous ants attract to sweets, such as plant nectar or honeydew which comes from aphids. Pavement ants also attract to sweet but can eat about just anything such as a greasy or sweet bait. Besides, you can consider three types of bait for ant removal, including sweet/carbohydrate bait, grease/fat bait, and protein bait.     

Ants may also prefer a different bait in a particular season. For example, ants may need a protein-rich diet in the spring and carbohydrate-rich diet in the late summer. Hence, ceratin bait may not work against ants in a specific season. By the same token, you can fail at ant removal in Vancouver with DIY remedies for ant control.

Quick-Killing Ant Bait Isn’t Slowing Down the Intruders:

You may see that the ant bait is working for you while quickly killing ants. However, you may also realize that your quick-killing bait isn’t slowing the ants down. If your ant bait is killing the ants quickly, it can lead to a number of problems. You can’t get rid of the entire ant colony with a quick-killing bait. Using quick-killing ant bait won’t allow the foraging ants to take the bait back to their colony and kill other ants. Hence, quick-killing ant bait isn’t successfully effective against ants.

On the other hand, using a slow-killing ant bait can help you effectively kill ants and the entire ant colony. You will also want the foraging ants to take the bait back to the colony and eventually kill the queen, nest workers, and brood, who will eat the bait. Nonetheless, the concentration of some store-bought boric acid is high that kills the ants before they move back to their colony. Ants also abandon the trail and create a new trail when they realize a lot of mortality is associated with a ceratin feeding source. Besides, it will give you a headache when your ant bait doesn’t help you concerning ant control in Vancouver.  

Bait Depletion Won’t Let You Kill the Entire Ant Colony:

You can succeed in killing ants with ant baits. Nevertheless, your ant baits will also deplete with time while killing the ants initially. Diminishing of your ant bait will let the ant colony survive and also grow over time. When ant baits, such as Borax solution or store-bought ant baits deplete fast, you need to spend more time and money. Isntead, you can call a pest control service, such as Pesticon, for ant control than ending up wasting money and time in the long run with DIY remedies.   

One core reason why DIY remedies fail against pests, such as ants, is that they aren’t scientifically proven as effective. On the other hand, professionals can get rid of ants from your home fast while benefitting you in the following ways:

  1. Get rid of ants from your home cheaply, in contrast to DIY ant control in the long run.
  2. Identify ant species on your property because of their knowledge and finally deploy the best method for ant control.
  3. Applying insecticides humanely on your property to ensure no one on your property gets hurt except for ants
  4. Effectively get rid of the entire ant infestation from your home.


Different types of ant species can infest your home in Vancouver, such as carpenter and fire ants. You may try getting rid of ants from your home yourself when you notice an ant infestation. Nevertheless, DIY ant control methods rarely work and often lead to failure. These methods may fail because of the following reasons:

  1. You use the wrong ant bait for ant control without realizing the ant species.
  2. Additionally, you may prefer using quick-killing ant baits that may work initially but fail in the long run.
  3. You may realize the depletion of ant baits with many ants eating the bait fast and letting the ant colony survive.

Instead of trying DIY remedies for ant control in Vancouver, you should contact professionals for ant removal. Contacting professionals will help you get rid of ants from your property cheaply in the long run.

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