Conversion tools offer ease to everyday PDF users because while working in flow, we often accidentally delete or damage the file in its original format. When we are required to make some changes or edit a scanned PDF document, the converter is required to convert it into an editable or searchable format. Users can also convert PDF documents into various output formats using PDF converter tools such as Excel, PPT, Word, and PDF/A.

In this article, we will discuss converting a PDF document into a PDF/A using UPDF as a reliable and accurate PDF converter to preserve and secure important documents.

Part 1. What is PDF/A?

Part 2. What’s Difference Between PDF and PDF/A?

Part 3. How to Convert PDF to PDF/A for Free?

Part 1. What is PDF/A?

PDF/A is another format or member of PDF files that stores all the information of PDF such as font, size of the text, style of the text, and links embedded in the PDF document. Besides this, all other essential elements required to display the document are stored in the same manner as the original. PDF/A documents open in the same format irrespective of the software or operating system you use to open them.

PDF/A is an archive format of your important PDF files, which ensures that PDF remains intact, secure, and accessible for future use.

Part 2. What’s the Difference Between PDF and PDF/A?

There is a noticeable difference between the two formats; PDF is widely used to exchange files and documents across different devices. On the other hand, PDF/A is a member of the PDF format widely used as a format to archive important PDF documents. PDF/A ensures that the element in the document opens in the exact alignment as saved, irrespective of the software used to open it. PDF/A documents cannot be edited or modified in the future, and all the elements will remain the same and intact for future use.

PDF documents allow the user to add audio and video files. However, a PDF/A document doesn’t allow the user to add audio, video, and executable file as no PDF viewer supports these files in a PDF/A document. Besides this, PDF/A files cannot be encrypted or password-protected because PDF/A doesn’t store the resource in the file. On the contrary, PDF documents can be encrypted using different password-protection options.

Part 3. How to Convert PDF to PDF/A for Free?

As we have discussed the PDF/A along with the difference between PDF and PDF/A, it is now required to understand how to convert a PDF document into a PDF/A for free. UPDF is an innovative and powerful PDF editor which offers the entire solution to create, view, edit and organize PDF documents with its simple and quick methods effortlessly.

UPDF further offers the feature to convert PDF documents into many popular formats, from Excel, Word, PPT, text, and CVS, along with PDF conversion into PDF/A. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert PDF into a PDF/A

To convert a PDF document effectively and accurately into PDF/A, refer to the steps mentioned below using the UPDF conversion tool. These steps are the same for Mac and Windows users:

Step 1: Open PDF Document in UPDF

The first step lies around importing the PDF document into UPDF by clicking on “Open File.” You can also use the drag-and-drop feature to import PDF documents on the UPDF interface.

Step 2: Click on PDF/A Conversion Tool

After importing a PDF document on UPDF, navigate to the “Save as PDF/A” button on the right panel. After tapping on the PDF/A conversion button, rename the file and select the destination to save the converted file on your computer.

Advantages of Using UPDF PDF Editor/Converter

Besides the accurate conversion of a PDF document into different formats, UPDF offers other distinctive features, some of which are mentioned below:

·         Modern Interface

UPDF offers its users a modern and stunning user interface, which users from every background can operate. Each feature is labeled with an attractive icon that vividly shows the solution it offers. Besides this, the simple user interface offers an effortless solution, and they can easily find an answer to their query.

·         Optimized Tools

Features offered by UPDF are all optimized as well are designed to provide fast and quick solutions, especially when working on large and multiple files at a time. This feature is helpful for large companies that manage and run hundreds of PDF files daily through their system. In that regard, UPDF offers an easy-to-use solution for businesses of all scales.

·         View and Edit Multiple PDF Documents

UPDF offers a most useful and productive feature that allows users to organize, view, and edit multiple files simultaneously in different tabs. It is also a helpful feature, especially if someone wants to compare and contrast details and elements in a PDF document.

·         Cost-Friendly PDF Editor

UPDF offers affordable and pocket-friendly subscription packages, which are ideal for college and university students who have to use PDF documents now and then. Therefore, buying an expensive PDF editor that doesn’t even offer a complete solution is not a smart choice.

·         Feature Rich Annotation Tool

The annotation feature offered by UPDF provides a long list of tools for the users to annotate. Users can add a comment to a PDF document with the help of sticky notes. They can highlight important text and points in a PDF document using a highlighter or underline tool. What’s more, it is available to add stickers and stamps to PDF,  draw on PDF with UPDF.

Final Words

To save essential PDF documents you cannot afford to lose, converting them into a PDF/A format is a wise solution. It keeps the file secure and intact, and users can open it anytime in the future, regardless of the operating system or software on which it is being opened. However, it is important to use a reliable PDF converter such as UPDF to convert a PDF into PDF/A accurately and securely for free.


To experience the premium features offered by UPDF, download it today on your Windows or Mac device and encounter the practicality it offers you.