Pressure Relieving Device vs. High-integrity pressure protection system

An issue of contention is when one inquires whether an item has various relieving devices that can manage situations of pressure over which is why it’s necessary to install High-integrity pressure protection system. The suggestion that this is the case, implies that a reason is needed for the installation of HIPPS system.

To ensure the success of High-integrity pressure protection systemit is essential to review relevant regulations as well as local codes, standards and requirements of insurers that could call for the use of relief devices is essential. This must be followed with a Hazard Analysis (HAZAN) conducted by an interdisciplinary team.

Risk associated with the process

The risk associated with the process should be assessed on the basis of the frequency and consequences, so that the High-integrity pressure protection system suggested can prove that the risk mitigated is less that the tolerance requirements in order to permit the elimination of relief devices from the calculation of flare load.

Typically pressure vessels are outfitted with devices for reducing pressure, which are connected through the flare of an industrial. But when the load capacity is not sufficient to cope with the extra capacity, High-integrity pressure protection systemoffers the advantage of reducing risk such as shutting down well heads within the oil & gas engineering company. However, this also requires engineers to inquire what happens after a HIPPS system is in place. Does it require pressure alleviating devices to be installed in addition.

Pressure vessels

Pressure vessels that operate at atmospheric pressures of 15 psig are constructed in accordance with Code ASME Section VIII Division 1 and also to address issues of protection against overpressure, the UG-125 through UG 140 of the code provide the basic specifications. The ASME UG-140 specifications and procedures are commonly referred to in the form of Code Case 2211.

The requirements for relief devices as defined by UG 125 to UG 138 are to be constructed in accordance with API 521. In the event that the need for an emergency relief device is defeated, it is necessary to follow UG-140(a) or UG-1404 (b) from the code, which refers to Inherently Safe Design and High-integrity pressure protection systemspecifically designed designs as well as.

Industrial usage of High-integrity pressure protection systemdefinitely offers the possibility of a smaller relieving device, but it is not able to reduce the need for relieving devices. However, in certain situations the need for PSV’s could be eliminated.

In accordance with API 521 as well as Code Case 2211 from ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and 2 of ASME Section VIII, Division is permitted in lieu of a pressure relieving device if it is in compliance with or exceeds the level of protections that would have been offered by the PRV.

HIPPS Procurement Life-Cycle

HIPPS system, which is comprised of numerous components like actuators, logic solvers valves Pressure transmitters are available from a variety of manufacturers.

A Request for Quote (RFQ) is made to various manufacturers through the procurement department that is part of the EPC contractor. The RFQ is sent to the teams of engineers, including instrumentation, process, pipe, and Safety departments.

It is the EPC procurement team must complete an additional job of project management , ensuring that all items included on the bills of quantity (BOQ) are accepted and transferred for the engineer team. The High-integrity pressure protection systemc omponents integrated component of the HIPPS would then require SIL certification from an independent certification body for SIL 3 specifications prior to being installed in the facility of the End User.


The drawback of using multiple suppliers is that they can increase duration of lead time and the cost of procurement. Another option is to purchase High-integrity pressure protection system from one manufacturer that can supply all the individual components and then have it verified through an independently SIL certifier. This will reduce the time needed for purchasing and the associated costs.

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