Popular Wedding Cakes for Celebrity Weddings

When they have to choose a wedding cakes, they sometimes look at what cake their favorite celebrity had at their wedding. There are many cakes to choose from, and even if your favorite celebrity’s cake costs 40,000 yen, there is no guarantee that a skilled craftsman won’t make a cheap copy. Some wedding cakes can be quite elaborate and expensive, but don’t despair, as there are many excellent restaurateurs who can design a beautiful cake for your big day.

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss made an impressive wedding cake that was three feet tall, weighed 50 pounds, and consisted of seven orange and white tiers with 3,000 icy white roses. Of course, not many people would tackle a cake like that. Donald Trump probably expects everything to be top-notch for his big day and he has enough money to cover all the costs. If he likes his cake, he can probably cut it down to a normal size and still afford it.

Hip-hop artist Karis and his wife Nas had a five-tiered wedding cake covered in sugar roses and 24-karat gold leaf. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to spend that much money on an entire wedding, let alone a cake.

Celebrity wedding cake Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis were a favorite. The four-tiered cake was shaped like four Tiffany boxes painted red throat blue. The store must have been thrilled with the celebrity support.

Couple Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, who have since divorced, were known for their multi-tiered wedding cake. The cake has three layers: chocolate fondant, banana cream, and white satin. A lot of people like this kind of thing, so the guests must have liked it. This is probably the cheapest celebrity cake to replicate, and it would be much appreciated by the guests.

Leanne Rhymes and Dean Sheremat’s wedding cake was a four-foot-tall cake made with white chocolate and strawberries and decorated with over 35 roses. This cake was very popular and talked about, but it’s not hard to make either, just reduce the size and number of roses used!

When Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro got married. They had a four-tiered wedding cake with layers of Oreo cheesecake, chocolate cake, and strawberry cake. It was decorated with the same crystals as Carmen’s wedding dress.

These cakes can serve as inspiration for your wedding cake. If you’re willing to make some compromises to make it more affordable. But if you can afford it, why not get excited about these popular wedding cakes?

In addition to traditional wedding cakes, many Toronto brides are also opting for more adventurous flavors. Liqueur-flavored wedding cakes, such as Grand Marnier or cappuccino, add a touch of sophistication to Toronto weddings.

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