Most people opt for peak season for their move. They choose their nearby packers and movers for this purpose. The peak season for relocation i.e. the summertime is the best season for relocating from one place to another. People like to move to their destination during the peak season due to many reasons. The summertime is the right time to move from one place to another. The movers are too busy during this season.

The peak season is the best in all its aspects. However, it poses numerous challenges not only for the customers but for the movers too. The customers have to pay higher packers and movers charges for their move in the peak season.   The reason behind it is that the packers and movers are extremely busy in this season as their demand is high. You might face other challenges during your move such as parking problems, traffic jams, overloaded moving trucks, etc.

However, you can overcome these challenges if you take the help of the best tips. These tips will be immensely helpful for you. Here are a few tips to consider while moving in the peak season:-

1. Plan Properly

Planning your move is the key to hassle-free relocation. A disorganized move only provides you with stress and nothing else. Consider creating a moving calendar that includes every little task you are going to do during your relocation. This way you won’t miss any important tasks that you have to accomplish during the move. Another benefit of planning your move is that you can easily track the progress of your move.

2. Hire Reliable Packers and Movers

The first thing is to hire trustworthy packers and movers that can offer you safe services from their side. Many people make blunders in choosing them. They end up choosing dishonest movers who are not at all reliable. These movers steal your valuable goods and demand extra money from you. Sometimes, they want you to pay hidden prices for their move. So, make sure to research more and more about the company before hiring it. You can check its reviews and also its past performance before hiring it.

3. Check the Paperwork

It is advisable to check all the documents before you pick a moving company. Ask them to show all the papers before the move. You can see their registration documents and licenses before availing yourself of services from them. Make sure to collect all the important documents they have. This will help you in choosing the desired mover for you.

4. Take Care of the Weather

Extreme weather poses big challenges for you during your relocation. Extremely hot days can spoil your overall moving process. The extreme heat can also damage some of your sensitive items. So, keep in mind the weather conditions before planning your move.

It would be best if you stay updated about the weather a week before your move. This way, you will already know the weather conditions. You can make any change in your moving plan if the weather is not favorable to you.

5. Start your Relocation Early

If you start the relocation early in the morning, you can manage the move perfectly. Discuss your move with the packers and movers. They possess the best knowledge of managing the move in the peak season.

Consider renting your moving truck the night before your move if you are on a DIY move. This will help you load your stuff late in the evening.

6. Choosing the Best Quote

It is also important to choose the best quote for your move. Make sure to shortlist 3 movers so that you can easily choose the best moving company for you. However, check the reputation and the past work of the company before choosing it. You can search for the reviews of the movers to know more about them. This will surely help you in opting for the best movers.

7. Beware of Hidden Costs

Most people are unaware of the hidden shifting costs of the movers. Many movers impose these charges on you. You don’t know about them beforehand as these charges are reflected in the final bill. There are so many hidden costs that you have to pay such as toll tax, octroi, and GST.  So, make sure to enquire your packers and movers about any additional price before the relocation. This will help in relieving the stress of your move.

8. Don’t Move during Holidays

It is not advisable to move in the holidays. During this time, you might find heavy traffic jams on the road. As a result, your move gets delayed which is not at all acceptable to you. So, it is better not to book your packers and movers on holiday.

9. Downsizing your Items

This is crucial before your move. If you sort out your articles, it will be easy to carry your items with you. Also, you will have to pay less charge to move your products during the peak season.

You can donate or sell unwanted items to move without any stress. You will surely have peace of mind after getting rid of them.

However, make sure to do this task before booking your packers and movers Mumbai to Pune. This will help you remain stress-free when movers reach your house.

10. Look for Offers or Discounts

Make sure to search for any offers or discounts for your move. If you search for them carefully, you will surely find them even in the peak season. These discounts will minimize your moving costs to a considerable extent.

Many people get successful in availing of these discounts and minimizing their shifting costs. So, search for them before hiring the packers and movers.

11. Keep Essentials with You

Don’t forget to carry your essential things with you. You can’t avoid these things as they are necessary for you in day-to-day life. Look for these essentials and take them with you while moving to your new destination. Some of the essential items you have to take include your documents and valuables.


You can find other tips to move in the peak season apart from the abovementioned tips. However, use these tips before contacting your packers and movers.

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