Tathastu ICS, a civil service coaching institute, offers various courses. One such option is BA + UPSC Coaching, which allows students to start IAS preparation while still finishing their undergraduate degree. This approach acknowledges that having a solid academic base beyond traditional IAS syllabus subjects can help candidates develop deeper insights into specific subjects.

For online UPSC coaching, opt for Tathastu ICS. 

Customized Courses

Customized UPSC courses help students prepare for the civil services exam by offering flexible learning environments that fit seamlessly into their schedules, giving them maximum results from their preparation efforts. Expert instructors offer guidance throughout, helping students comprehend what topics will most impact the examination.

These courses provide an ideal option for beginners. Covering both Prelims and Mains preparation, they also feature mentoring from Dr. Tanu Jain as well as one-on-one coaching with students receiving coaching individually from Dr. Jain herself. Mangalayatan University also offers courses leading towards an Masters of Administration degree for those looking for something additional.

Online classes provide an efficient and cost-effective means of preparation for the civil service exam. With flexible class schedules to meet working professionals’ hectic lifestyles and access anywhere with Internet connection worldwide – students are free to study from any location with an Internet connection! Online courses also feature study materials and mock tests designed to strengthen performance – these features make online classes invaluable resources for civil service aspirants.


If you’re considering earning your bachelor’s degree online, choosing one that aligns with the UPSC syllabus could save time and effort in preparation. Furthermore, taking advantage of specialized modules teaching subjects in depth while imparting practical knowledge could prove to be highly advantageous.

Finding an undergraduate business administration (BA) program to give yourself an edge in civil service exams can be challenging, but selecting one could prove invaluable. BA programs often cover subjects that overlap with those offered on UPSC General Studies papers; you might, for instance, focus on history topics when studying for your optional subjects on UPSC exams.

One benefit of a BA+UPSC coaching program is providing you with a firm academic foundation, building your confidence and morale to excel in your exam. Furthermore, having an ex-bureaucrat as your mentor adds credibility to the program while offering real world perspective of subjects covered. Finally, having access to robust support systems during classes allows students to pose any queries or clear up any doubts as necessary.

Mentorship from Dr. Tanu Jain

Dr Tanu Jain, an IAS officer turned physician, has been instrumental in helping many students realize their ambitions of entering civil service. Her success story serves as a testament to hard work and targeted preparation; additionally she established Tathastu ICS Coaching Institute which serves as an online coaching platform where she mentors students as they embark upon civil service careers.

As she felt that being a dentist would limit her impact on society, she decided to pursue Civil Services Examinations instead.

Dedication and hard work paid off as she successfully cleared both prelims and mains exams on her first try in 2015. After failing to pass mains in 2015 on her second try, she persevered and succeeded on the third attempt – being awarded Armed Forces Headquarters Service as a result.

At Tathastu, students receive expert teachers and study materials. Classroom lectures cover different aspects of the Civil Services exam while mock interviews help prepare them for the interview stage.

Online Classes

No matter if you are an experienced student or just beginning, finding an IAS coaching institute that fits can make all the difference for your exam preparations. They will offer timetables, lectures, study material and practice tests as well as mock interviews and feedback on performance.

Tathastu ICS’ MA+UPSC Coaching Course appears to be a cutting-edge and comprehensive program that combines master’s degree training with UPSC preparation. By having former bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain as mentor, this program is further legitimised with insight gained from her past bureaucracy experience as well as official academic credential from Mangalayatan University affiliation.

Tathastu ICS Prelims Crash Course offers students looking to ace the civil services exam an excellent option to prepare. The highly structured program includes lectures covering all topics covered by UPSC syllabus as well as study material and test series that closely mirrors actual UPSC pattern.

Test Series

The Essay Paper in the UPSC Civil Services exam tests candidates on their ability to write concisely and clearly across a broad spectrum of subjects, necessitating meticulous preparation in order to score well on this challenging test. There are numerous resources available to candidates preparing for this challenge.

The official syllabus of the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) details subjects that candidates need to prepare for. Being familiar with this syllabus allows candidates to assess their strengths and weaknesses as they prepare a study plan that covers all topics; additionally, this allows them to choose optional subjects wisely so as to align with either their graduation program or interests.

Chahal IAS Academy in Odisha provides classroom programs tailored towards Civil Service aspirants. Conveniently located in Bhubaneswar’s capital city, Chahal IAS Academy draws students from throughout Odisha and beyond for classes taught by its highly-qualified faculty that employ innovative teaching techniques and personalized guidance in creating an ideal learning environment for its students. Furthermore, Chahal also offers free content to enhance student engagement and build brand loyalty.