Online Tutoring Websites: Enhance Your Mathematical Skills Through Online Websites

There are many emerging educational websites nowadays over the internet. Most of the students are getting enrolled on this online tutoring website. The reason behind the success of this online tutoring website is its method of teaching. They are providing a simple and detailed explanation of the concept with appropriate use of many of the readily available resources over the internet like colorful diagrams, effective videos, and relevant animations. Which helps the students to visualize the concept rather than just understanding it theoretically.

Advantages of Online Tutoring Websites

  • Flexibility- Since these websites are browsed using the internet anywhere anytime at a student’s comfort level. With minimal resources is a smartphone with good Wi-Fi connections. Online sessions are scheduled based on the availability of both students and the tutor.
  • Affordable- The option of online tutoring is a cost-effective process. Because it reduces the traveling expenses of the student. Since everything is available on the internet it avoids the material cost. There is no pressure for the students to write down the notes or get them printed or xerox. It saves the time of the tutor apart from dictating the notes they can utilize their whole time in explaining the concept.
  • Apart from the students, online tutoring websites are also more advantageous for the parents. This platform provides the options for the parents to choose their tutor based on their requirements. All the classes will be taken under the surveillance of the parents so they can get to know what their kids are learning and how much portions are being covered and the quality of the education the students are getting from these websites.
  • Online tuition avoids the complete journey of the students and tutor because both of them can conduct the online session in their comfort zone. Online live sessions can be recorded with smartphones. Students can listen to the classes whenever they want to listen to the topic. It can be used to learn topics till they get completely understand the concepts.

Know More About the Radius of the Circle.

In classical geometry, the radius of circle or a sphere is defined as the line drawn from the center of the circle to any point on the circumference of the circle. The wordradius is derived from the Latin word radius which means “a ray” or “spoke of the chariot wheel”. It is usually denoted by the letter ‘r’ or’ R’. It is an important quantity that is used in almost all the problems that are related to circles.

Diameter of the Circle

It is a line drawn from one point on the circle to another point on the circle which is passing through the center of the circle. It is usually denoted by the letter ‘D’ or’ ‘d’. The diameter of the circle is always double the radius.

Diameter = Radius × 2


Radius = Diameter / 2. This equation represents the relation between diameter and radius.

Circumference of the circle = 2πr (r=radius)

Area of circle = πr2 (r= radius)

The equation of the circle also includes the radius which is given by

(X-h)2+ (y-k)2 = R2

Where h,k is the center of the circle

R denotes the radius of the circle

Example 1: Find the radius of the circle if its diameter is 25cm.


Diameter of circle = 25 cm

Radius of circle = Diameter/2

= 25/2

= 12.5 cm.

Example 2: If the circumference of a circle is 60 cm, then find the radius?


Radius = Circumference/2π

R = 60/2π

R = 15.92

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