Completing a nursing course is a huge challenge in itself and you should really have a great deal of passion, patience, and willingness to work hard in order to get through with the course. It is very common for students to get dismissed in between the courses due to various reasons. You may have not done well academically, your attendance might be short or you broke the code of conduct of the institute. Getting dismissed from nursing school is quite embarrassing, heartbreaking, and upsetting. In such a situation, you must keep your cool and follow the steps given below, or click here:

Keep your emotions in check:

First of all, understand that it is perfectly fine to feel confused, embarrassed, and tense in such a situation. However, do not just sit and curse yourself. Take some time, if you want to cry, it’s totally alright. You need to understand that it’s never too late to restart and chase your dreams. There have been thousands of people who are successful today but faced various setbacks just like you in the past.

Think about the reason for your dismissal:

While it is okay to make mistakes, it should, however, not become your habit. Therefore, you should introspect on the reason for your dismissal and try to mend it. If it was related to your behavior, seek help from a professional and if it was related to your academic performance, rethink your decision of pursuing nursing as a career.  

Do not give up on your dream:

If becoming a nurse is your purpose in life, you can still proceed with the dream. Talk to the dean at your school and try to convince him to take you back. You can also file an appeal, retake the missed classes, seek legal help, etc.

Choose a different career in the health sector:

If you want to serve people and the healthcare sector suits you, then perhaps you can choose a different career option. You can become a medical assistant, physical therapist, paramedic, speech therapist, etc. There is a high probability that you will find a career better than nursing if you do not give up.  

Take a break:

At times, you just need to give up on everything for a while and relax. During this period, you get a chance to introspect about your life, your past decisions, and what you want to do ahead. After the break, you will feel rejuvenated, energized, and focused. During the break, you can also join some co-curricular activities such as sports, learning music, etc.