New Trend: Staples FSC Certified Multiuse Paper

staples fsc certified multiuse paper

Staples FSC Certified Multiuse Paper is ideal for a variety of purposes. This acid-free paper is 20-lb and works with staples laser printer and inkjet printers. It also produces crisp, archival-quality prints. Available in 500-ream boxes, this paper is ideal for use with inkjet printers. It also promotes environmental sustainability and helps the environment.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly multiuse paper that’s still great for printing, Staples 50-percent recycled 8.5 x 11″ reams are a great choice. The paper is thick enough to prevent bleed-through and is packaged in a handy 2,500-sheet half case. In addition, this multi-purpose paper comes in a 24-pound ream that will last you long.

Staples FSC certified multiuse paper is the eco-friendly alternative to a ream of regular white paper. Its 24 pounds of paperweight prevents bleed-through and features ColorLok technology for the best colour-quality prints. In addition to a ream of 2,500-sheets, the multi-use paper is also re-usable for envelopes, calendars, and more.

Staples laser printer 50-percent recycled 8.5-x-11 multipurpose paper is an excellent option for eco-friendly office supplies. The paper weighs 24 pounds and prevents yellowing from ink, and it is made from fifty per cent post-consumer materials. The paper is available in reams of 2,500 sheets each. It is easy to tear and comes in a half-case or ream.

Aspen 30 multi-use paper is perfect for fax machines and high-speed copiers. It is an acid-free, recycled copy paper perfect for fax machines. In addition, it is a great green alternative to standard copy paper. FSSC certified multiuse papers are an excellent choice for business use and can be purchased in bulk or online. They are available in one-ream or pallet quantities and can be purchased at a discounted price.

Staples FSC certified multiuse paper is an excellent choice for businesses. It’s suitable for many purposes, from everyday printing to professional-looking flyers. With a one-ream-to-pallet price range, it is a good value for money. With prices this low, you’ll save a lot of money! It’s worth the money! With the help of a multipurpose printer, you can create impressive, impact-driven printouts.

Staples laser printer FSC-certified multiuse paper is an excellent choice for everyday print jobs. It is available in one-ream sizes, pallets, and acid-free for archival quality. Moreover, it’s ideal for high-speed copiers and fax machines. Finally, its archival quality makes it a great choice for interoffice memos and business documents.

This multipurpose paper is an excellent choice for daily printing. The bright white color will not fade or become yellow or crumbly. Moreover, it is acid-free and can withstand high-quality printing processes. Thus, you can be sure that it’s safe for the environment. The multipurpose paper is an environmentally-friendly option that won’t compromise your company’s image quality. Furthermore, you can trust it to last for years.

Its bright white colour will meet your daily printing needs. It is also acid-free and will prevent long-term degradation. The multipurpose paper is a versatile and eco-friendly choice for your office. You can use it for various projects, including inkjet printing and laser printers. It is also suitable for copier use, which means you can use it for many different purposes.


A double-sided B&W copy will cost you about $0.06 on average, while a single-sided B&W print will cost you $0.20. An 11×17″ color page will cost you about $0.30 per page. If you use a copier, it will save you a lot of money. This type of paper is environmentally friendly and is the best choice for your office.

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