In a world of diverse people, some work well and are loved by people near them while others are hated those indulging in any problematic things. No matter who the person is and how popular they are, whether a famous politician or a pop star, more likely to be hated by the people.   Any famous person when found indulging in any controversy may face hatred from the public.

Here we have got you covered with the most hated person in the world.  Let’s get into it.


  •  6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez)


Popular American Wrapper Daniel Hernandez commonly known as 6ix9ine is the most disliked person in the world due to his criminal record.  He is extremely arrogant and supports racism for the Black population in America. Besides this, he was allegedly a gang member who was convicted of conspiracy and murder. Due to his criminal behavior, he was hated by a mass audience.


  • Kim Jong Un


The superpower of North Corea, Kim Jong UN is best known for his repressive regime and abusive behavior towards various Human rights rules. His pursuits of nuclear weapons and testing various provocative missiles put the globe in tension and made him the most hated person in the world.


  • Bashar Al Assad


The president of Syria, Bashar Al Ashad is alleged to be responsible for the Syrian Civil War and accused of violating human rights in various parts of the country including the use of chemical weapons against the public. Consequently, humanitarianism was in danger in Syria, and tons of people were displaced and thousands were killed.


  • Vladimir Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin, who served since 1999, began a cold war by attacking on Ukraine last year followed by various hot wars and storming the world. Due to his problematic behavior, he was hated by the mass audiences.  He was blamed for mass killings of Ukrainians and alleged to violate human rights.


  • Andrew Tate


Andrew Tate, is best known for his arrogant and cocky behavior and indulged in various controversies, that’s why he is among the most hated person in the world. Meanwhile, he has been arrested for an allegation of sex trafficking and allegedly, he earns money by polarizing people and hating women. Also, he is facing several issues like domestic labor and is involved in many other crimes making him the most hated person.


All of the above are indulged in condemning activities and fall into such a group like most hated people in the world.

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