Everyone knows that diamonds cost a lot of money and that not everyone can buy one. You might see moissanite and white sapphire when you’re looking for a ring with a stone that looks like a diamond. Both of them are thought of as alternatives to diamonds that cost much less than natural diamonds. Each of these has its own traits, which we’ll talk about below.

So, should you choose moissanite or white sapphire for your ring?

At Bestcarat Jewerly, we will make a detailed comparison:white sapphire vs moissanite. Let’s find out more about how they are different.

What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite, a silicon carbide-based stone, was first identified in the meteor crater by French scientist Henri Moissan in 1893. It is nearly colorless and transparent to the naked eye. Resembling a diamond a lot, but moissanite is significantly distinct from a diamond. The natural moissanite is extremely rare, making it nearly hard to use it in jewelry. As a result, the moissanite on the market today is made in a laboratory.

What is white sapphire?

White sapphires, like blue sapphires and rubies, are actually made of the same substance called corundum. The lone trace element separates the aforementioned jewels from the white sapphire. The ruby turns red if it contains chromium, while the sapphire turns blue if it contains iron and titanium. A transparent and colorless gemstone, white sapphires are devoid of any impurities.

If you do not have any clue on how to choose the right one, Bestcarat jewelry has make detailed comparisons between moissanite and white sapphire to help you to make the best decision:

Moissanite Vs White Sapphire: The Differences

White sapphire and moissanite are the greatest substitutes for diamonds. However, the two gems do have some notable distinctions. Let’s make a detailed comparison: Moissanite Vs White Sapphire

1. Appearance

The moissanite and white sapphire have quite different appearances. The color of the latter will appear clearer and brighter, whilst that of the former may be less so.

In terms of sparkle, Moissanite has a refraction index of 2.65 and a fire of 0.0104, which is higher than White Sapphire’s index of 1.77 and fire of 0.018. Therefore, moissanite looks brighter than white sapphire.

2. Cut

Moissanite and white sapphires can be cut in the most effective style to maximize the brilliance of both gems. However, due to moissanite’s better fire and brilliance than white sapphires, moissanite will always emit more sparkle than that of the same cutting style. Compared to moissanite, white sapphire will require more special care to maintain its brilliance.

3. Hardness

A gem’s hardness is measured by how effectively it resists scratches and imperfections. The Mohs Hardness Scale is used to measure its hardness.

White sapphires and moissanite have a rating of 9, and 9.5, respectively, on this scale. These two items are durable enough to withstand scratches and damage.

White sapphire, however, isn’t quite as substantial as moissanite.

4. Pricing

Due to their rarity, white sapphires are a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.Because they’re more difficult to come by, they’re usually more pricey. However, moissanite, is more readily available, making it more affordable than sapphire.

Pros and Cons of White Sapphire


  • Resemble diamonds a lot
  • More budget friendly than moissanite and diamond(decided by size)


  • Lower fire and brilliance than moissanite and diamonds.
  • Less harder and durable than moissanite and diamonds
  • Needs a frequent cleaning to keep its luster

Pros and Cons of Moissanite


  • Very Similar to diamond
  • More sparkling than white sapphire
  • Less requirement for routine cleaning for brilliance maintenance


  • Moissanite will have a rainbow effect(the bigger the stone is, the more obvious it will show)
  • Pricier than a white sapphire(decided by size). But, it is more affordable than diamonds

Moissanite Vs White Sapphire: Which is Better?

In terms of appearance and hardness, moissanite is preferred over white sapphire. If you are shopping for an engagement ring with exceptional brilliance, moissanite will be the optimal option for you.

Regarding affordability, however, white sapphire is the better option. However, when white sapphire is over 1.5ct, it will be more expensive than moissanite.

In conclusion, both moissanite and white sapphire are wonderful alternatives for diamond rings. Moissanite Vs White Sapphire: Which is Better? The decision is entirely up to the individual’s taste.