Metal vs Plastic Credit Cards: Exploring the Pros and Cons

Metal vs Plastic Credit Cards

As the financial landscape evolves, the metal credit card, a premium credit card segment, is becoming increasingly popular among Indians. However, plastic has been the go-to material for credit cards. The former is sleek and exudes luxury, but it is crucial to know whether it has any advantages over traditional cards. 

Knowing the distinctions between metal and plastic credit cards and weighing their pros and cons can help you choose one.


What are Metal Credit Cards?

These credit cards have gained popularity recently because of their sleek design and premium quality. In fact, these cards have always been a status symbol, as they were previously offered to select individuals only. Financial institutions generally use stainless steel and metal alloys to craft these cards.  

Like plastic credit cards, they have EMV chips to protect against fraudulent transactions. As many banks only offer metal cards in the premium range, you can also get additional benefits, such as higher rewards. 


What are Plastic Credit Cards?

These types of cards are commonly available and easily customisable. These cards have durable plastic materials, such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). These cards are typically lightweight and easy to carry. What’s more, they are typically more affordable than a metal credit card. They are widely accepted and easy to replace in case of loss or theft. 


Difference Between Metal and Plastic Credit Cards

Apart from the material used to craft these cards, there are many distinctions between metal and plastic credit cards. Check out how these two financial products differ from each other.

Basis Metal Credit Cards Plastic Credit Cards
Acceptance Limited acceptance at some high-end establishments More widely accepted than metal credit cards
Joining/Renewal Fees Typically, the fees are higher than plastic credit cards

Some credit card companies also provide metal cards with joining and renewal charges

Varies depending on the type of the card, ranging between nil to several thousand rupees
Rewards Offer remarkable benefits to those who make significant expenditure

Perks include exclusive reward programs, complimentary perks, and other luxury offers

Provide diverse benefits catering to broader customer needs

Depending on the type of your card, you can get reward points, cashback, travel perks, and more 

Appearance Designed to be elegant and sophisticated, with a sleek profile and a glossy finish Made from PVC and other synthetic materials, it offers flexibility in terms of design and personalisation
Durability Highly durable because of its solid material and resistance to bending or breaking While they are not as resilient as metal cards, they provide adequate durability
Weight  Metal credit cards are heavier than plastic cards Much lighter in comparison 


Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Metal Credit Cards

Here are some of the advantages of these cards:

  • Due to their construction, metal cards are more durable than those made of plastic 
  • Metal cards also come with a feel of luxury and offer an enhanced experience when using them for payments
  • These cards also come with additional security features, such as embedded chips and laser etching 

The following are some of the drawbacks you will have to face when using these credit cards:

  • Since metal cards come with higher costs, they become less accessible for those who prefer affordability
  • You may find these cards inconvenient to use, as they are significantly heavier than plastic cards
  • Not many credit card companies allow you to make contactless payments using these financial products


Pros and Cons of Using Plastic Credit Cards

Check out the advantages of credit cards made of plastic and other synthetic materials:

  • These are more cost-effective options, as they generally have lower fees
  • Their lightweight makes them easy to carry 
  • They offer you more convenience when you pay at a store, as they are widely accepted.

Here are some of the cons of using plastic credit cards:

  • Since these cards are more prone to wear and tear, they typically have shorter lifespan than metal cards
  • Unlike metal cards, they may not feel like a status symbol 

To make the best choice, take some time to reflect on your lifestyle, preferences, and financial priorities. Metal cards offer a tangible symbol of affluence and luxury, emphasizing your taste. 

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