Medical center business plan

business plan of medical center 3
business plan of medical center 3

It’s pretty hard to find good free honey these days. service, so it is a good business to open a private clinic on a paid basis.

The first question is: who can open a medical center? Business is attractive because anyone with organizational skills, great desire, and patience can open it. You do not need to have a medical education or even have anything to do with medicine. But you need to get at least a little familiar with the subject on which you are going to work, but the main activities will be taken over by doctors, accountants, and other personnel.

  • The initial investment will amount to 8,043,509 rupees.
  • The break-even point is reached in 8 months.
  • The payback period is from 28 months.

Knowledge in this area should be enough to decide on the type of medical center: specialized or multidisciplinary; what centers, points, and so on; will it be only a diagnostic center or a full-fledged medical institution.

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Several very high requirements are put forward for private clinics. It is necessary to obtain all the necessary licenses, certify the institution itself and specialists (or better, find those who have already completed full training and received some certificates and diplomas). What is worth learning is the principle of registering an enterprise and starting a business. For an entrepreneur, this is much more important than honey. education.


It cannot be said that starting a medical center is a cheap business. Buying equipment costs serious money, and most likely you will have to take out a loan. The equipment itself depends on what exactly you want to do.


Cabinets, tables in every office, chairs, couches. Think over the number of cabinets and from there be guided by the number of these items.

Ultrasound machine. 

Perhaps the most expensive piece of equipment. Given that a large treatment center needs more than one, this increases costs by several times.

There must be a laboratory. 

The apparatus for laboratory research will also cost a pretty penny.

It would be quite profitable to have an MRI machine. 

But it is worth hurrying with this decision since it would be more logical to pay off the loan first for the past equipment and only then for this. In addition, if the business fails, it will be very difficult to repay the loan with such costs. To begin with, make sure that he (the business) is firmly on his feet.

There are many little things

There are many little things for each of the departments of the center, which are worth considering.


Consider an important line of expenses for specialists in the business plan of the medical center. For stable operation you will need:

  • Qualified doctors who will not let you down during major operations or routine examinations.
  • Polite and well-trained nurses.
  • An accountant who keeps track of all expenses and is responsible for purchasing missing medicines.
  • Administrator.
  • The receptionist is responsible for recording clients and helping to direct them to the right department.
  • Cleaning woman. The clinic must be kept clean at all times.
  • You can also hire masseurs and neurologists on a part-time basis.

Please note that a competent medical center business plan should contain an analysis of the areas of medicine that are currently relevant in your region. It is believed that when opening a clinic, the most profitable areas are:

  • Cosmetology
  • Dentistry
  • Gynecology
  • Urology
  • Sexopathology
  • Ophthalmology

Perhaps, doctors from all directions will not be needed at the start, they can be added with the development of the medical center.

Center location

When choosing a place, count on its population, preferably the city center or proximity to large shopping and entertainment centers. A large flow of people is important.

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