All You Need To Know About Custom Tuck End Boxes

All You Need To Know About Custom Tuck End Boxes

Custom tuck end boxes are one of the most common retail packaging boxes. The ease of use and the protection of the product due to the tuck-end style make these boxes a priority packaging for customers. Made with diverse materials and printing options the boxes help brands to get the attention of the customers which ultimately helps the companies to get an increased sale. 

The best part about custom top tuck boxes is that there is no need for any kind of glue or tape to assemble them as they come pre-glued. The printed design on the boxes makes them a walking hoarding of your brand that promotes you with a minimal investment. 

What Are Custom Tuck End Boxes? 

As the name of the boxes indicates, they have tucked ends that close or open the boxes. The boxes come in various shapes but the style of box closing is the same in all of them. Unline the boxes with a tear strip or glued lids, custom tuck boxes do not to be ripped in order to access the products. 

The efficient selection of materials and the use of high-quality prints give boxes an amazing ability to secure what is inside. Boxes with a tuck-end can be used to pack a diverse variety of products such as food, fragrances, frozen items, shipping items, retail products, etc. 

Why The Boxes Do Not Need Gluing? 

The best part about custom tuck box packaging is that they do not need the hassle of using glue to secure the box end. The boxes come pre-glued and in flat form and you just have to assemble them before using them. The tucked end of the boxes gives a protective lock to the products inside the boxes. 

At the time of transit or during storage your product will not jolt out of the box. This feature of the boxes makes them a high in demand packaging that can be used to pack all kinds of products. 

Manufacturing Of Boxes

To manufacture the perfect boxes, you have to start with the selection of the perfect manufacturing process. No matter how much effort you have put into creating your product if the custom printed tuck boxes are of inferior quality then neither you can protect the product nor you can get the attention of the customers. 


For the custom boxes, the selection of materials holds a huge significance. The reason for this is that the quality of the material is directly proportional to the quality of the packaging. That is why one must be very particular when it comes to the material for custom tuck end boxes wholesale. 

The material should be sturdy, sustainable, and food-grade if you need boxes to pack your food items. There are a few options that are frequently used in the custom box market to produce boxes. Such as Kraft, cardboard, and corrugation. 

Die Line 

After the material selection, now your companies have to create a die line of the boxes. It is the flatted form of the boxes that are not glued or tapped. For custom kraft box packaging in the tuck-end style, there are several options of die line that mainly depend upon the type of material you are going to get packaging for. 

Box Designing 

If a brand wants to create the distinction between its product and its competitor’s products then it must use elegant artwork on the packaging boxes. Printings are the main features of the packaging that make them different from the rest of the brands. Besides this, add-on coatings can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of custom top tuck boxes. 


Before seelcting any printing design, know what type of artwork you wnat on the boxes. The type of printing process depends largely on the type of artwork you are going to select for your boxes. From offset to lithography, digital printing, and flexography all are good options for decorating boxes with a seamless design. 


For tuck box packaging you can select unique and economical add-on options that will make your box look distinct and memorable. You can decorate tuck box packaging with options like embossing and debossing if you want a subtle look of the packaging. On the other hand, you can select the option of foil stamping if a luxurious design is your demand. 


Coatings give dual benefits such as protection and presentation. The coatings on custom boxes are resistant to moisture which it easy to keep the box looking chic. Gloss, matte, aquos, silkscreen, etc are the common options used in custom box designing

Sum Up! 

Start using custom tuck end boxes if you want your products to be delivered in a safe and sound position to their end destination. A quality material gives the boxes impressive strength and attractive printing makes the boxes attractive to the customers. 

You can identify what is the most appropriate material and printing process for your products so that you can receive an impeccable box seamlessly. 

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