One of the most popular torrent websites worldwide was KickAss Torrents, also known as KAT. There was no need to spend a single dollar on the website, which supported all kinds of content. As of 2016, the website had been shut down by the United States government. Governments and authorities have banned a large number of infringing torrents, according to experts.

It was nonetheless a loss for regular users who no longer had free entertainment. Torrents can be downloaded from the pirate bay, one of the most popular torrent sites. Torrent websites exist in many different domains, and KAT also has similar features.

New KickAss Torrents (KAT) Sites

A few KickAssTorrents (KAT) sites have been added in September. These links might no longer work in the future since authorities constantly take down KAT.

There are also some constantly updated links for KAT in addition to these.

Visit KAT websites with these considerations

There are a few things to consider before downloading from KAT or any other torrent website, and you will find everything from movies, music, software, and applications.

Make sure you avoid clicking on links that tell you your computer might be in danger or that claim to be able to find the best business for you online. You should avoid clicking on these links because they are usually spam and contain viruses. Do not click on any links unless they are absolutely necessary. Turn off automatic tab switching if it automatically goes to another tab after you click something. There is a possibility that these tabs may be hacked or a privacy breach may occur.


You should use a VPN whenever you visit torrent sites such as KAT or pirate bay. There are many countries that ban using torrent websites and may monitor you for illegal activities if you use them. It protects your device by hiding your IP address.

Don’t download VPNs from these websites’ links and use a trusted VPN.

Make sure your computer is protected by firewalls and antivirus software

Prior to visiting these websites, make sure your device’s antivirus and firewall are active. Ensure you have the most up-to-date version of your antivirus program so you will be able to detect more advanced threats.

Downloaded files should be scanned

There is a huge difference between what KAT(kickass torrents) and other torrent websites offer and what users provide since they both work on a P2P network. Virus programs might look like top-gun movies when you download them. To ensure that the downloaded file is free from any errors, you should scan it with an antivirus program.

Why You Should Use KickAssTorrent

Using Kickass torrents has many advantages. The downloaded files are usually similar to the original paid files, and you can download anything you want without paying a cent. Likewise, you can download any movie or song you like in a variety of qualities, formats, and sizes. These sites do not require registration or login, and you can visit them anytime.


What is the expected return date for the first KickAss Torrents website?

The original KickAss torrents website has little to no chance of being revived. It was taken down by the United States Government in 2016. In spite of this, many other websites have similar names and are very similar. As we don’t know the original website’s identity, we are unable to confirm it is one of them.

Is It Safe To Use Torrent Websites?

You can download your particular items safely from torrent websites if you follow the safety protocol by using a VPN, antivirus, and avoiding unnecessary links.

How does KAT Work?

BitTorrent runs KAT via a magnet link you download and run. Users upload files from around the world, and it is a peer-to-peer network.

Final Thought

As discussed in this article, in September you can download torrent links from websites similar to KAT. If you wish to access these sites anonymously and to avoid being tracked and shut down, you should use a VPN. Make sure you do not click any unnecessary links by using the firewall and antivirus to prevent virus downloads. Earlier this year, the original website was shut down by the United States government for infringing content. Users from around the world upload free movies, songs, apps, and software to KAT.