Is There a Burning Smell Coming Out Of Your AC Unit?

A burning odor emanating from your air conditioner is usually a sign of trouble. First, you could be concerned about the possibility of a fire breaking out, but that might not happen. Second, you probably do not want to be reminded of the burning scent every time you turn on a heater or air conditioner.

While waiting for the air conditioning service to arrive, you can try some do it ourself solutions to eliminate the odor in the meanwhile. To find out more, continue on!

  • Bad Bearings:

Two motorized fans are used in AC systems. The home has one fan and motor set inside, and the condenser has another set outside. When the metal bearings in a motor start to wear out, they make a high pitched screeching sound. Motors with worn bearings struggle to run and overheat, emitting a smoky odor.

Lubricating the motor bearings is a common solution that an HVAC expert might implement. The reliable and well trained experts at marvellous will swiftly determine the source of the burning odor and rectify the situation. If the damage to the motor’s bearings or motor is severe enough, however, it may be necessary to replace the motor. Their experts can also do this.

  • Electrical issues:

The electrical wiring in your air conditioning system is often encased in plastic for protection. The plastic coating on wires can melt due to a number of factors, including old electrical connections, defective breakers, and short circuits, all of which can lead to an unpleasant burning plastic odor.

This may result in component failure or possibly an electrical fire. If you notice a lingering odor of burning plastic, it is time to call in a professional HVAC specialist. The expert will do a complete system check to identify and repair any damaged or melted electrical components.

  • The Dust Of Disuse Is Being Burned Away:

If you have gone without heating for a while and then notice a strange odor when you switch it on, this could be the source of the problem. The HVAC systems in our homes collect dust and debris that have been moved via the air. Layers of dust and lint can build up and eventually cover the filters, vents, and heaters.

If dust has accumulated on your heating components, turning on the heat may help eliminate the smoky odor coming from your air conditioner. The unpleasant odor ought to go rapidly. If it persists, you might be experiencing one of the other issues here. Get your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system serviced by a pro.

  • The Air Filter is Clogged:

If you have not replaced your air filters in more than two months, this could be the issue. Filters in your HVAC system are there to prevent dust and other particles from recirculating through the air of your home.

Clogged filters restrict airflow and should be replaced periodically. Overheating and a burning odor from the AC unit can result from this, since your fan will have to work much more to keep things cool.

  • Motor Got Too Hot:

Overheated motors and faulty parts are common causes of a burning odor coming from your air conditioner. When the bearings of motor start to wear down, a burning odor may be released.

By applying some grease to the bearings, you can prevent the engine from overheating and shutting down. The HVAC crew can inspect your air conditioner and let you know if a new motor is required or if your current one can be repaired.

  • Damaged Capacitor:

Capacitors assist power the engine, but when they overheat, the air conditioner might take on a burnt smell. A voltage surge or prolonged use are just two of the numerous potential causes of the failure of  compressor.

To get it working again, you willl need to swap out the faulty capacitor. While waiting for a professional HVAC crew to arrive, please turn off the air conditioner to prevent any further complications.

  • Broken Fan Belt:

A broken or damaged fan belt is likely the blame for a burning odor emanating from your vents and a screaming sound. The fan belt, often composed of rubber, is used to efficiently link the blades of the fan to the motor. It can get broken, which will make the fan blades scrape against one other and give off a burning odor.

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