In the heat of the pandemic, an estimated 3 million older workers were forced into early retirements. Whether this was due to lay off or as a voluntary move, these are three million people who were forced into an ultimatum they may not have prepared for.
While we are not saying another pandemic might hit, there is a need to begin preparing for retirement as early as possible. Here is how you can do that.

Follow The 4% Rule

If you know anything about the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement, then you might know that the 4% rule is basically the backbone of the movement. Started by William Bengen, this rule almost promises a retiree that they can have a nest to fall back on and support them for at least thirty years if they save at least 25 times of their annual expenses before they retire. This might seem impossible but with a constant 20% savings at a constant 5% inflation rate, this goal can be achieved in about 37 years. You might need to open an ira account. According to SoFi Invest, “you can open multiple IRA accounts. Please note the IRS contribution limits still apply across all accounts and are not limits per account.”

Adapt This Method Properly

Like any other financial goal, a high level of discipline is required. In order to create this theory, William Bengen used historical data and back tested 30-year-old retirees from 1926 to 1976. The plan is foolproof if you do not let distractions get in between you and your goal. If not, you might end up taking up way longer to save up and that would mean early retirement would be impossible.

Create A Retirement Check

One of the biggest issues that early retirees have is money management once they usher in retirement. Some simply take the money and spend too much of it ‘celebrating”. To manage this, a retirement check is something necessary. The Bucket Strategy is one of the most popular approaches. In this method, you can divide your retirement funds into three buckets. The first one contains cash that can handle at least two years of living expenses, the second contains five years of living expenses in fixed income investments and the third is tied up in stocks. This means the retiree can have options and live comfortably even in the instance the stock market crashes.

Check For Online Tools

The internet is a treasure trove for tools and there are some good things you can get out of there, like money management tools. New Retirement and OnTrajectory are some of the told you can use to plan your retirement properly and professionally.

Figure Out Your Tax Situation

The IRA charges a 10% withdrawal fee on retirement accounts that have withdrawals if the retiree is not at least 59.5 of age. To navigate this bottleneck, you can make frequent equal periodic payments from the 401k. You can also consult with a financial expert or a lawyer who can help you learn how to manage your savings.

Preparing for retirement does not have to be a headache and even freelancers can do it. With the right plan and discipline, you can manage to retire early.


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