On trust and credibility, adding a Google review widget to website can have a significant impact because your business garners from prospective customers. As a business, you can provide valuable social proof that positively influences visitors by including real feedback from previous clients. Because social proof is the new age advertisement. This is the major reason businesses started displaying social proof on websites.

We have you covered if you are one of those business owners, looking for the same for your business. In this blog, you will explore the integrate Google reviews into website and how it can help to boost the reputation of your brand. 

Understanding The Power Of Social Proof 

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people decide what is appropriate in a given situation by observing the actions and behaviors of others. In simple words, the idea that impacts the actions and opinions of people while making decisions, especially in certain situations. 

In his book, Influence: Science And Practice, Robert Cialdini coined the word Social Proof in 1984. For decision-making, helping individuals, and overcoming uncertainty by relying on the wisdom of others, social proof serves as a shortcut. 

Possible Ways To Add Social Proof to Your Website 

Here are some of the best possible ways to add social proof to your website. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Embed Online Customer Reviews 

You can embed Google reviews into website directly instead of adding standard text testimonials. Apart from Google reviews, you can also add reviews from other platforms like Facebook, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Airbnb, Amazon, etc. 

2. Add Testimonials 

From your clients or customers, add testimonials to your website. Organize them into a carousel or add them in a row that makes it easy for website visitors to navigate through the different quotes. 

3. Design A Portfolio Page 

With portfolio images, display your best work, artistry, or recent client projects. A picture is worth a thousand words in many industries. For interior designers, graphic designers, and other creative professionals their portfolio is the best form of social proof. 

Undeniable Advantages Of Adding Social Proof On Website 

On any business website, social proof on websites has a significant impact. Here are some of the amazing advantages of adding social proof on the website. 

1. Boost Credibility And Trust 

By adding a Google reviews widget to website, enhancing credibility and trust can be easily achieved. Google Reviews shows that your business is trustworthy and reliable because reviews provide social proof. Customers are more likely to feel confident in making a purchase or using your services because potential customers see positive reviews from others. 

2. Enhancing Search Engine Visibility 

For any website, enhancing search engine visibility is essential, and adding a Google review widget can greatly enhance this aspect. User-generated content is valued by search engines like customer reviews, as it indicates a trustworthy and authoritative website. 

You can add a review schema markup to your website by selecting the right widget. 

3. Improving User Experience 

For attracting and retaining customers, improving user experience on your website is essential. You build trust, and social proof, and display the quality of your business or products by adding a Google review widget. 

With a website, customers are more likely to engage with a website that displays positive user reviews because it validates their decision to consider your offerings. 

4. Conversion Rates Increases 

When you add a Google review widget on your website it can significantly increase your conversion rates. Potential customers can see feedback from previous customers by integrating this feature which helps build trust and confidence in your business. When you have online customer reviews available on your site it eliminates the need for customers to search elsewhere for information. 


In boosting brand trust and building credibility with potential customers, adding a Google review widget to your website can play a pivotal role. This widget creates transparency and authenticity by displaying real-time feedback from satisfied customers. Directly on your website, it allows visitors to see genuine online customer reviews which can reassure them about the quality and reliability of your business.