Scrolling through the Instagram news feed, suddenly you receive the messages. Or you are viewing some fantastic reel and get the messages, and here you have two options. Whether to stop seeing the reel or check the DMS, both bring curiosity to find out what the DMS is and what happens in the reels next. Instagram always brings new features to their active Instagram followers Uk. This year it has introduced the DMs feature. Let us find out what it is.

Instagram is launching many new messaging elements for the applicant, consisting of:

  • ability to respond to the new DM without leaving the Instagram feed
  • Share the post with followers quickly
  • check who is online
  • much more

If you really desire to study more about these features, be with us.

Instagram always comes up with a solution to offer the best DM experience to the users. On 15thy feb2022, the likes featured on the stories save the flooding of the DMS. Because now, followers just hit the heart icon to reflect their affection and concerns.

Instagram Stories Likes Help to manage the DMS.

Mostly influencers and business DMs are flooded with emojis or some appreciating text. Why is it so? In 2021, the followers did not have the option to show their love for the stories. The Instagram stories have changed the game, and now UK Instagram followers can share their concerns without flooding the direct messages.

But Instagram has so much more for you in terms of DMS. It is the perfect item to find out!

New Message Feature of Instagram

This novel was of Instagram feature follow pledge of the firm to concentrate on also messaging the reels last year. In the statement through the press pages, this photo-sharing app shared that DM abilities are an integral portion of the firm’s ongoing work. It is to polish how users share and connect with their closest friends.

What is this all hype about

No further delay because now you will find out about the new DMS features by Instagram. Are you prepared to take the ride to the new land? It will obviously bring a new and fresh experience to your door.

Instagram has presented many new components created to make sharing the application even more comfortable.

It is all going in the direct message from immersive post sharing to polls.

Complete detail on the DMs features:

Respond to the text while browsing:

So here comes the first interesting feature that makes the user’s life easier and less messy. No need to discontinue watching your favorite reel. You can reply to the text while enjoying the video or scrolling through the app. Instant replay without leaving your home feed. Is not it great!

Instantly send or share to a friend:

After responding to the text without leaving the feed, there is another interesting new feature. So what about re-sharing the content without leaving the Instagram news feed by holding and tapping the share icon. Is not life getting easier? Ir does not finish here because there is so much more to the next! Let’s jump to the next point.

Check who is online right now: Are you feeling bored and like to chat with your friends? But how would you know who is available for the chat and gossip session? Thanks to the new feature of Instagram. Now, you can see the name of the online followers. Happy chatting!

Share the beautiful song with your loved ones and friend:

It is a thing that may change the game for sure. Would you desire to showcase your affection to your spouse? Or do you want your friend to enjoy the particular song? Instagram DMS update made this easier for the users. Now, you can share around 30-sec song previews through integrations with Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. So, wish your friend a lovely soundtrack on her birthday!

Send the quietly: So, what is this feature? It is about @silent; you can send a text to a friend without notifying them by using @silent in the message. Let us try this feature.

Switch theme: 

It is not the new feature globally, but for Instagram, it is. Now you can create the moment while chatting via lo-fi chat perfect theme.

Make the pool in messages ( group): now, you can make the pool, especially in the group, to get your friend’s opinion. Next, to decide the place for dinner, use this Instagram DMS poll feature.

Does your region have this feature?

These top seven features of the DMS are to-die-for. It makes the life of Instagrammers and the business easy and simple. But this new element is not accessible in all regions. Recently Instagram has launched these features in some countries. Within a week or more you can relish the update in your country. So keep checking the updates about Instagram, and never miss this new feature