You may not realize how amazing cardboard can be. We use it to keep things tidy and orderly, to keep food fresh, and to keep our goods safe. Let’s look at how it works.

For centuries, it protects your products.

Despite what you might think, a cardboard box was used for the first time in 1817, when it was used for a board game. Corrugated cardboard was derived from this material in the 1870s when two corrugated sheets were stacked with a fluted sheet in the middle to be used to ship fragile items, including glassware. 80 percent of worldwide products are packaged with cardboard today. This rigid material acts as both a cushion and a means of holding objects in place. High-tech and high-quality products are often protected from damage with this technology.

Protects your food from contamination.

It is estimated that about 60% of all cardboard produced each year is used to package foods. Juice, liquids, confections, baked goods, and frozen products are frequently packaged using cardboard. The first paper packaging was used to store cereal. Dry cereals are packaged in boxes to prolong their shelf life, enhance consumer appeal, make transportation and storage easier, and increase their shelf life. Fresh foods are also packaged in corrugated custom cardboard boxes for added safety. Studies have shown that plastic containers containing sterilized peaches contaminated corrugated trays filled with bacteria. Peaches in plastic containers had picked up bacteria in 95 percent of cases after 48 hours. Contamination did not exceed 25 percent in cardboard trays.

Shipments have been revolutionized because of it.

Lightweight, long lasting, and pocket friendly, cardboard reduces shipping costs and makes goods more available by reducing shipping fees and removing the need for consumers to leave their homes. Before the 1900s, goods were shipped in heavy wooden crates, which limited the number of goods that can be shipped at once. The cardboard industry has, too, benefited from cardboard boxes wholesale.

Less waste is generated.

Consequently, shipping companies utilize this material extensively in order to produce a variety of products. After you have used up your cardboard boxes, you can easily recycle them.

Shelters can be made out of cardboard.

An organization constructed the cardboard shelters. In an inclement weather shelter, people can remain safe until they are able to move into a permanent shelter. It is particularly valuable during extreme weather conditions.

Cardboard packaging creates excitement and anticipation.

To unscramble and crack open a box can be an exciting experience. What’s the reason? Furthermore, gift boxes take a little bit longer to open, creating a sense of anticipation and intrigue. This has also had a profound impact on the marketing and advertising fields. Cardboard packaging, which is made of cardboard, could be easily and inexpensively printed with appealing illustrations, business logos, slogans, taglines, and product information. In the eyes of consumers, the packaging is no longer just a means of protecting products; it can also be viewed as a means of differentiating brands.

It can spur the imagination.

In the eyes of a child, a cardboard box is a spaceship, a submarine, or a race car speeding towards the finish line. Children who play with and interact with objects like boxes stimulate their physical senses, which encourages them to ask questions and think creatively. In addition to developing kids’ spatial awareness, exploring the inside of a box can teach them about the physical world.

Answers to frequently asked questions about corrugated cardboard

How Do You Make Corrugated Cardboard?

Box sheets made of corrugated cardboard are different from those made of cardboard. Additionally to having three layers, including an insulating interior and an outer exterior, corrugated cardboard is known for its strength and robustness.

Is the cardboard used in pizza boxes corrugated?

Corrugated cardboard pizza boxes have a single wall to prevent heat loss while being transported

Is cardboard box fordable?

Due to its stiff nature, corrugated cardboard boxes are difficult to bend or fold cleanly. You should mark where you want the fold to start with a pencil and ruler.

Are Corrugated Cardboards Recyclable?

Indeed! Cardboard can be recycled in its entirety. Nonetheless, it is important to check the requirements for liquid and juice containers, as contamination may prevent these containers from being recycled.

Are corrugated cardboards compostable?

A cardboard box made out of corrugated material can be composted. You should tear up the leaves and mix them with greens for the best decomposition. If you layer cardboard, the process is slowed down.

Do corrugated cardboards have any environmental impact?

Other packaging materials cannot compare to corrugated cardboard in terms of environmental friendliness. Either sustainably managed forests or recycled paper can be used.

I need corrugated cardboard where can I get it?

At Custom Cardboard Packaging (CCP), we offer a selection of corrugated boxes of varying dimensions and designs, for your shipping requirements.