If you are struggling with slow internet speed, your internet speed is lagging and you have to wait a long time to download or upload files or something else. Websites are not loading, slow speed disturbs you during your research or in between completing your gaming sessions, etc.
So you don’t need to worry more about this problem.
Here we will tell you different methods of speeding up your internet speed!
Go ahead with us to know about effective ways to increase your fastest and cheapest internet speed.

“Top ways of increasing internet speed”

Let’s discuss some top ways of increasing internet speed. The methods which we will discuss here will help you alot to come over this issue.
Luckily you can change some of the things around your house, PC, or router and you will be astonished how your internet speed will increase.

You should Test a Modem/Router of different companies.
You should Turn Your Modem on and off Again and again.
You should Scan for Viruses regularly.
You should Check for On-System Interference.
You should prefer a Fast VPN.
Move The Router/ change the position/place of your router
Don’t share the password of your internet connection with anyone else. Protect Your Wifi Network.
Connect your internet connection Via an Ethernet Cable.
You should test different Filters.
Try Getting Rid of Your Cordless Phone
You should Shorten and Replace the Cables of your internet connection.
You should check for External Interference.
You should update the Software and firmware regularly.
You should Find your Router/ISP’s Best Settings.
You should check for the Cabling and Do a Line Test.

How to test your internet speed?

The first thing that you need to check is your internet speed. You can easily check your internet speed online.

You can check your current internet speed by SpeedTest.Net and here your test will run after the complete test you will be shown results on your screen.

10 Mbps is a good download speed for a person but it also depends on whether you are using the internet for what. If you are using the internet for browsing, chatting or checking emails then is enough speed. But if you’re gaming or using streaming services, you’ll need to increase your download speed for an excellent experience.

“Test different modem/router”

The biggest cause of the worst internet speed is the modem/router. You should test different modems of different companies. You should use a modem with high quality instead of a cheap one.
You’re blaming your internet provider for slow speed but you need to test different modems/ routers.

The best way of checking which modem suits you the most is to call your ISP and they will tell you the most suitable modem for your plan.

“Turn your modem on and off”

This method is also very helpful. When your internet speed is slow and it is lagging, turn off your modem and turn it again after a minute. This process is known as Power cycling and will solve your problem very effectively.
So you should try this method.

But still, if your internet speed is not good you can reset your modem once a day. You can also configure the password of your modem this will refresh the settings of your ISP and internet speed will be increased.

“Scan for viruses”

Viruses are a major cause of slow internet speed. You need to scan for viruses and assure that there is no virus in your modem. You can use antivirus softwares of scanning viruses. Some antivirus softwares are McAfee, totalAV, and Norton etc.

“Check for on-system interference”

Some antivirus softwares and other programs are also a cause of slow internet speed. This is really very irritating but you can come over this issue by switching things off and then do the speed test again.

“Use of fast VPN”

You should use a fast VPN to increase your internet speed. VPN service is secure and used by many people. It protects your privacy, keeps your information secure and increases your internet speed.
VPN is another good method which increases the speed of your internet.

“Move your router/modem”

If your router is far away from you this will slow your internet speed. Keep your router close to your PC so then your internet signals will reach you more quickly.
Moving your router will quickly increase your Best Internet Speed for Gaming and Streaming speed.

“Protect your Wi-Fi network”

Don’t share your Wi-Fi password with anyone else. If strangers are accessing your Wi-Fi network, the more people will use the internet at the same time and it will reduce your internet speed. You will face slow internet speed because of this.
Try to use a complicated password so no one can access it and hack your Wi-Fi network.

“Connect Via Ethernet cable”

Wi-Fi is a good internet provider but on the other hand wireless connection is more effective and it is a tad slower over cabled internet connections.
You should try to get an Ethernet cord and plug it directly into the modem. Especially when it is for your PC, you don’t need to move your modem here and there.


The methods/ways of increasing your internet speed discussed above in this article are really very useful and easy.
You should try these different methods to speed up your internet speed.

In the end, I will suggest that you should keep reading our blogs for more information and knowledge.