Instagram has been changing since the day it came in. the ways to succeed on Instagram have also changed. This is why some people have been facing issues with growing an audience on the platform. The task isnt ought to be quite the cakewalk, but isnt very difficult either. However, for people who have just started their Instagram journeys, and have recently dived into the content world, we have the perfect article lined up.

Today we are going to talk about a few ways to get your first 1k followers on Instagram. A milestone,that even the greatest of influencers remember and hence is very essential as well. If you have been struggling with the same, then we have the best remedy for you. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Optimization of the Instagram profile

If you are new to the industry, welcome to the world of discovering new technical terms. The one that you probably are hearing for the first time, might be the optimization of your Instagram profile. However, let us assure you, this isnt at all difficult to understand as you might think this is. Optimization of your Instagram profile requires you to understand how things work on the platform and then act accordingly.

This includes a set of things. First and foremost, you should have a solid username, one that is in conformity with your content and is also easy to remember. If you get popular on Instagram, then this is the name you would be remembered by, so we really urge you to take this really seriously.

The next thing to add to the belt is a good bio. This doesnt need to be wordy, but some genuine comments about what you’re working on might just do the job. Also, add an aesthetic to the tally, as this is something most people lack. If you have a theme going on, your content is automatically more visually attractive, and this helps you to reach your first 1k followers.

Delegate things that you’re not so good at

Well, then the next thing to learn to be able to gather the first thousand people on your Instagram is to, delegate things that you’re not so good at. This could be managing the socials or taking care of the sponsorships. But whatever it may be, focus on what you’re good at.

If you want to be discovered as a content creator, then focus on your content and delegate the social part to an expert. This is what most influencers on Instagram do. You can keep a team of one to two people to get you the results and talk to sponsors as well. This will help you reach the milestone of a thousand followers in no time. For people who already have decent followership, this tip is really essential. This is because getting thousand more followers to dint hurt anyone. This is why we recommend you employ these tactics as well.

Learn to edit and acquire photography skills

Learning how to edit is probably the most useful skill to have when you’re in the content industry. Editing is not limited to the photo editing skills that you might have gathered over the years. It also requires you to edit written content, captions, and much more, to add that aesthetic touch to your posts. If you’re looking to find the best possible results, with your Instagram and reach that milestone of a thousand followers quickly, then this is the way to do so.

Talking about the latter half of the tip, having good photo skills, is going to get you far in the content creator business. Adding the perfect lighting, from different angles is very essential. This alleviates the aesthetic of your Instagram profile, making it possible for people to see what your real talent is. This also helps you showcase multiple brands on your page, making you the go-to influencer in your niche. This will help you get more exposure and ultimately the first thousand followers as well.

Be consistent

Just like a wise person once said, there is no substitute for hard work. Just like that, there is no substitute for consistency on Instagram. If you have a ton of content lying around, then we highly recommend using scheduling services to make sure you have a routine. We dont want you to go overboard, but posting at least once must be the goal.

Being consistent will help you get far in the content industry, as people are rarely that consistent. Also, this adds a predictable element to your content, without diminishing it. This helps people connect better to your art. If you want to reach that milestone of a thousand followers, then we highly recommend using this tip.

Buy Instagram followers

The quickest way to get to a thousand followers is to buy Instagram followers. A lot of people dont have the knowledge to do so which is why their Instagram profiles lack terms of followership. If you want to buy Instagram followers, dont just do it on a whim. Ultimately it’s your Instagram profile at stake here.

However, if you consider our opinion, we would recommend pushing the pedal to the metal on it. This is because buying Instagram followers from the best sites will help you grow an audience on the platform and will also help you land more opportunities with your content. If you’re looking for the best sites to purchase Instagram followers from, then we highly recommend checking out viralyft, viewsexpert, and getviral.


If you are working all day to get the 1k milestone under your belt, then these actionable tips will help accelerate the princess. If you are exhausted from trying the same old tactics you heard some guy talk on Instagram about, then we ensure you these will help. You do require the technical “know-how” to get to that thousand followers mark, but much more than that you require the courage to experiment.

If you wish to see yourself amongst the top influencers in your niche, then getting to work is probably the best advice we can offer. However, if getting to a thousand followers is the goal for now, then the tips mentioned above, will be of great help. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word.