When shipping glass candles, how should they be packaged? Thousands of small candle businesses carefully monitor the candle-making process every day. A company’s goal is to produce high-quality, proudly sold products that live up to their high standards. This naturally leads to custom candle boxes. This is something firms must deal with while operating. Furthermore, you get into a very touchy subject when you talk about shipping glass products.

It is essential to wrap your packages in a substantial amount of bubble wrap in order to deliver them safely to your customers. A business’s reputation and bottom line can be impacted by appropriately packaging candle jars.

I am going to share a few tips and tricks for shipping candles.

  • Shipping candles in fragile packages is a good idea due to their fragility
  • Bubble wrap and the right box are essential to transporting candles safely
  • Ensure customers have a positive experience with the packaging

When they are shipped, candles should be handled carefully, regardless of whether you are an e-commerce pro.

Here’s how you should package your candles.

You Should Secure Your Candles


It is always a good idea to add extra padding to glass and tin containers, even if the candles are in glass or tin. Ensure that the candles are wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in an appropriate box size to prevent shifting. By doing so, you are preventing cracking of the wax.

Be sure to attach a fragile label to any package containing candles. If sending loose candles, additional precautions should be taken. Make sure each candle is wrapped in tissue paper separately so they won’t melt or jerk together. If all the candles are cushioned together, they won’t bump into each other on their way to the final destination.

Guard against extreme temperatures

When shipping candles, consider the weather conditions. Extreme heat may cause candles to melt. Whenever possible, ship candles in frozen gel packs. The package will keep the candle cool and prevent it from melting. Insulating the candles with Styrofoam can help prevent them from melting. Insulated boxes are another option. Packaging costs can increase significantly if you add additional packaging. However, it is unlikely that anyone would like to work with melted candles. Express shipping is recommended in cases of extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

The correct box must be selected

It is vital to choose the right shipping box for your products, no matter what they are. If you are using customized boxes, you will need the right shipping box for your glass candles, however. Corrugated boxes are good for candles that come in glass. The material of candle boxes is important when it comes to shipping candles. Between the candle and the box, leave two inches for cushioning.

An overly tight box may cause the glass candle to shatter. A snug-fitting box is important. Make sure you can shake it without it moving. If you want to ensure the safety of the box, you should also pack it with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or paper. Single candles can also be shipped in flat rate envelopes if the package fits inside. Even with fragile packaging, use reliable shipping supplies, such as Perishable labels. If the outer packaging of the boxes is blank, you can write “Do Not Stack”.

Choosing the right shipping option

Shipping candles express will prevent them from melting during transit. Candles aren’t left sitting in hot trucks or poorly sorted facilities for an extended period of time when using these services. You will save your customers the trouble of waiting for their candles to unpack because they’ve been sitting out for hours in the sun.

Make it appealing to your customers.

Here’s a tip on how to package glass candles for shipment to ensure their final appearance. Every business relies on first impressions. You can’t go wrong with a candle as a perfect Christmas gift, for example. Packaging candles in plain boxes gives them a customized touch. Embrace your brand and make candles more enjoyable for your customers by wrapping them in decorative tissue paper or with ribbon.