The goal of every music video maker is to have the music video they spend much time making go viral. However, it is always easier to say than to implement. You need to follow complex procedures to make your music video go viral.

But what are they? Reading this article, you probably hope to know some of these procedures. Luckily enough, this article contains a step-by-step guide that you can use to make a music video go viral.

These steps will help you make a music video that goes viral. Let’s take a look.

  1. Having The Correct Music: You cannot have a music video without music; for your music video to go viral, you need to choose the correct theme. So, where will you get the music that best suits your video? You could choose a music video that already exists, or you could make your music. Before you use the song of other artists in your music video, you will be required to seek their permission first. If not, you will face copyright infringement. The penalty for copyright infringements might be costly to you, so it would be best to seek permission from the property owner.
  2. Catchy Story For Your Video: To make a viral music video, you must spend some time developing the story that will feature in the video. The story to be featured in the video should be juicy enough so that it can interest people. A good story will spread like rumors, making the music video famous. In addition, your story should form a symbiotic semblance with your music video. It is to say that it should rhyme. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a professional music video maker and design the best story that you would like to feature in the music video. A good story is not enough to make a good music video. You will also have to have an idea in mind of the style that you will use in making your music video. The style you use and the story you generate for your music video will bring out the best looks of your music video.
  3. Grounds To Shoot Your Music Video: Identifying where you will shoot your music video is very important. If you ignore this step, you might be in turmoil during the actual shooting of the video. To identify the most appropriate location to shoot your music video, you need to list everything to include in the video. You should also pick a place that is flexible to your music video. It is because you might get more ideas while making the music video. Moreover, you will have to seek permission from relevant authorities after identifying the location to record your music video. Getting permission will guarantee you a humble time during your video shooting.
  4. Search for Talent: You should have already identified what you will feature in the music video. If you involve people in the video, you want to feature those with some experience. You can get people to sign up for an audition, where you can select people with the talent you need in the video. It would be best if you also kept in mind how much you will pay them and told them in advance. It’s because some may expect higher pay, and it may cause quarrels during the writing of their payouts.
  5. Official Trained Personnel: After you have hired the talent you will need for the music video, you will be required to hire skilled personnel. For your video to go viral, you might need a video editor, a qualified music video producer, a cameraman, and an essential makeup and hairdressing specialist. Good music video makers look for skills that will fit their budget. You should only look for experts if you can afford to pay them.


6. Requirements For Your video: Before making your videos, you must identify your video’s requirements. Some of the requirements are:

  • Proper Lighting: If you are going to record the video in a relatively dark place, you might be required to invest in some proper lighting equipment.
  • Music Video Props: Having the right props to support your music video during the scene shooting is very important. It would be best if you made a good plan of what will happen in each scene.
  • Hair, makeup, and costumes: As a music video maker, you must have the necessary makeup depending on how you want people to look in the video.
  • Shooting equipment: You might be required to hire cameras and other equipment for shooting the music video before the actual date of shooting the video. Some companies offer these services, and you all have to go and book the equipment and set a date on which you will be hiring them.
  • Editing Tools: A lot of editing goes into making a music video. If you make a mistake when editing your video, it will not only affect the quality of the music video, but it will also affect the concept. If you’re producing a simple one, a music video maker tool that is simple and clear to use would be ideal.


7. Shooting The Actual video: After you have thought of making the video, it is finally time to make it. It is essential to follow the plan and schedule you had initially created, or else you might end up spending more than you intended in the first place. It would be best if you tried to make the video according to the mental picture you had in the first place. It would be best if you also considered other open ideas that you could use in making the video better.

8. Music promotion: First, if you broadcast the music video on any channel, you will have to produce the final edited film for them. Otherwise, you can also post the music video on YouTube if no other videos are using the same video. They will remove your video due to copyright issues. Also, you will have to consider where you will market the video. You can promote the video on social media networks. They may include Twitter and Facebook.



A good music video should have a good story that will blend well with the music you will use in producing the video. Your initial plan for making the music video should contain everything you might need. Remember that it is from your project that you will generate an estimate of the budget. You should rehearse your schedule to ensure that everything will be perfect.

Since the content of your video is new, you should consider protecting your work before someone copies it. You will then be able to use your content in the future for making other videos.