There are many different aspects that affect the atmosphere in a home. For instance, the color palette that is used in certain areas of the home can spark unrest or over-mental stimulation. Such as bright colors in a bedroom, or for that matter dark colors which can induce somber moods. However, it is not just down to the color on the walls or for that matter the ceilings and floors as well, there are other areas that you can look at too.

#1 House plants and flowers

Having houseplants around the home is not just beneficial for the quality of the air that you breathe but can also have a calming atmosphere on the property or room that they reside in. It is important that you chose the correct placement of your plants and that you are well versed in how to care for them.

In addition to this, bringing flowers into the home can lighten a room’s mood, and it doesn’t matter whether you chose to have flowering plants in a pot or cut flowers in a vase, real or artificial – all are good. However, in saying this, some plants are toxic to animals, so if you have a cat or another household pet that likes to chew on foliage or flowers it is a wise move to check which plants to stay well away from.

#2 The correct lighting and ventilation

Lighting and ventilation can also play a large part in how a house feels. Stuffy stale air can make a home unwelcoming, and low lighting or not enough of it can cause eyestrain and cause headaches. However, to the other extreme, too much ventilation can make a home feel cold, and too bright a light can make a room look stark, and also cause headaches.

#3 Keep it at a constant temperature

If you are the type of person that likes to keep the windows closed, either due to safety or to keep the cold out, then you would probably benefit from the installation of an air conditioning and heating unit.

This way you will be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while still feeling safe. Having a home that feels either too hot or too cold makes for a bad atmosphere, indeed, a lot of people find that too much heat can make them grumpy whereas too cold a temperature can cause aches and pains due to the body being held rigid.

#4 Expel bad or unpleasant odors

No doubt you have walked into some places and found your sense of smell affronted by the odors that are surrounding you. Unfortunately, smells are perceived differently by everyone. This means that some odors that are simply unacceptable to some people are tolerated or even welcomed by others.

Keeping your home as neutral as possible as far as odors are concerned, can be tricky business. However, by ensuring that carpets and rugs are regularly steam cleaned, animals are kept clean and housework is carried out, you will be able to expel bad odors without having to hide them with overpowering sweet or sickly scents of the artificial air freshers available on the market.