If you’re scheduled for surgery soon, this might probably be a challenging period for you. While the burden of the back pain will finally be taken off your back, surgeries can always be overwhelming and get you worried about how it’ll turn out. How you take care of yourself before and after surgery plays a role in your recovery. While spine surgery is considered a permanent option for your pain, do not expect it to get better with one-touch magically. All good things take time and effort, and so does surgery and its consequences. After your surgery, you will need loads of personal time to get back up, affecting your recovery rate.

Similarly, preoperative measures can play a significant role and improve your confidence in the surgery. Let us look at some tips you could follow before your surgery for the best results.

Manage your weight

The main carrying point of your spine is to distribute the body’s weight. If you’re overweight, you should consider losing a few kilos to ease the burden on your spine. You don’t have to aggressively workout with the pain. You can take diet measures and do a few basic exercises daily to manage your weight. This also helps you stay fit and is a bonus for both. Working for a healthier body before your operation might simply make things easier during and after your surgery.

Take care of your water intake and diet

One of the most important things to keep in mind is water intake. Apart from the food restrictions imposed by the doctor itself, ensure that you’re very mindful of what you eat. Keep an eye on the amount of water you drink and make sure it’s as prescribed. A dehydrated body can lead to various complications if things go wrong. Similarly, ensure you take plenty of vitamins and nutrients in your diet to prepare your body for the surgery fully. Also, ensure that you don’t get into highly dehydrated or energy-consuming environments that end up balancing out the proper meal that you put effort into


With surgeries on the spine requiring a physical therapy routine after the surgery, it is always better to get a kickstart at it. You could start with your therapy weeks before and establish a routine by getting to the surgery. This will help you maintain the habit and regularly follow your exercises after the surgery. Further, this will also help you strengthen the parts that you will get operated on and targeted after the surgery and make it easier for you to recover once the surgery is complete.

Staying Active

Staying active is a helpful tip even if you’re not having surgery. Especially when your back issues cause pain and discomfort, you might want to laze around in bed and rest it the whole day. This is very dangerous for your surgery and will reduce your overall muscle strength. Even if it is a short walk with 50 steps, get out of your bed, go for a round of daily routine activities, and do a little workout that doesn’t stress your body. This will develop muscle function and help circulate the blood flow to all the vulnerable parts. It will also help prevent tissue atrophy and keep your tissues alive and pumping.

With the above tips in mind, you can confidently assure yourself that you’ll soon be up and running with a healed spine. Ensure to move around and keep yourself active on days leading up to the surgery, and you’ll be able to beat the consequence of spine surgery in Tavares in no time!