How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 6000 80? Full Guide

6000 series of errors are quite common in QuickBooks Desktop and mostly appear while opening the company file. These errors can affect QuickBooks in both multi-user and single-user modes, and you may get confused troubleshooting the fault as most of them arise because of a few common reasons. QuickBooks error 6000 80 can adversely affect QuickBooks data if immediate actions are not taken. To eliminate the risk of losing your critical business data, we suggest you follow all the troubleshooting instructions mentioned in this article. If you are not proficient in Windows troubleshooting, then you can also get in touch with one of our Certified QuickBooks Desktop Experts for help.

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What is QuickBooks Error 6000 80?

Like QuickBooks Error 6000 80, most of the 6000 series errors are related to the company file and arise when you try to open the company file in QuickBooks. The error message that pops up on Windows displays “Error -6000, -80: An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file” once you encounter the error. Users are suggested to contact the support team for a resolution. However, if you are familiar with general Windows troubleshooting, then you can easily follow the resolution given in this article without the need of contacting the support but make sure to follow every troubleshooting step very cautiously in the given sequence.

Indications you have Encountered QuickBooks Error 6000 80

  1. You might notice your QuickBooks Desktop and Windows operating system crashing frequently.
  2. An error message indicating error code 6000 80 might strike on your screen.
  3. Sluggish performance of your system is also an indication of getting error 6000 80.
  4. If you notice that your system is freezing without any notification.

Reasons that Cause QuickBooks Desktop Error 6000 80

The most common reason that causes QuickBooks to display error 6000 80 is the communication error between the host and the client’s computer that creates trouble for the user to open the company file. Below are the few other reasons responsible for triggering QuickBooks error 6000 80:

  1. You must always convert or restore the QuickBooks data on your local storage, as performing this task over the network can cause QuickBooks Desktop error 6000 80.

  2. More than one system in the network is hosting the company file.

  3. Due to an incorrect network setup, the client’s workstation is unable to create a connection with the server.

  4. The company file that you are trying to open is corrupt.

  5. Windows Firewall or third-party security applications block QuickBooks access to the company file in the network.

Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Company File Error 6000 80

Troubleshooting for Single User Mode

Solution 1: Repair the Damage in Company File using QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. Follow the link and download QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. Go to the downloads folder and run the Tool Hub program installer file.
  3. By following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the license agreement, install the Tool Hub program.
  4. Run Tool hub from the Start menu or by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.
  5. Go to the Company File Issues tab from the options on the left.
  6. Select QuickBooks File Doctor and choose the option to repair the data damage.
  7. In case if you get any error while fixing the data damage, you will need to restore the most recent backup of your company file to resolve the issue.
  8. For detailed instructions on restoring the backup data, follow step 2 Restore QuickBooks Company File from our article on QuickBooks error 61.

Solution 2: Restore and Update the Company File from the Local Storage

  1. If the company file is stored on the cloud or some other computer in the network, copy the file and paste it to your computer’s local storage.
  2. Now open the company file from the local storage of your system.
  3. If you are trying to restore the backup of QuickBooks data from your online storage or the network, copy the backup file from such locations and paste it on your desktop.
  4. Now open QuickBooks and under the File tab, select Open or Restore Company.
  5. Select Restore Backup and click Next.
  6. Browse the backup file from the desktop and click OK.
  7. Now follow the instructions to restore the backup file.

Troubleshooting for Multi-User Mode

Repair Damaged or Corrupt QuickBooks Company File

  1. Rerun the QuickBooks Tool Hub application and go to the Company File Issues tab.
  2. Select QuickBooks File Doctor, and when it asks you to select the repair type, select only the company file.
  3. Proceed further with the file repair process by selecting the appropriate options.
  4. Once the company file errors are repaired, re-access the file to see if the error 6000 80 is resolved.

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Fix Network Connection Errors

  1. Run QuickBooks File Doctor and select the option to repair the Network errors.
  2. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to automatically reconfigure the network without delay.

Reset Windows Firewall Configuration

  1. For detailed instructions on setting up third-party security software and Windows Firewall to allow QuickBooks to connect with the company file, follow the Exclude QuickBooks from the Software Scan List step from our article on error 6094.

If you are still getting QuickBooks error 6000 80 while opening the company file, we might require advanced troubleshooting. Our QuickBooks experts use specialized tools that point out the exact cause of the error and provide quick resolution. You can call Desktop Phone Number +1- 888-704-1357 for immediate assistance.

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