Attaining 10k followers at the top of Instagram is a goal set by numerous businesses as well as influencers who make use of the platform. At 10k, you’ll be able to use the sought-after swipe up feature within your Instagram stories, which allows you to send followers and fans to any website you’d like. However, attracting those followers is a lengthy procedure. If you’re trying to expand you’re following to 10k and above Create a well-researched hashtag strategy and implement it regularly. Find your ideal followers and start engaging with them through their feeds. Keep track of your analytics to find what content resonates with your followers.

Then, you can create content that is similar to it. Who would have believed that having an Justin Bieber fan account when Instagram was launched in 2010 could result in becoming a popular micro-influencer who has more than 10, 000 followers Instagram? Maddie Green of @the.insideview is living proof that indeed, this could occur. ! I’m Maddie Green and I’m from Denver, Colorado! I’m currently a senior at college and studying Marketing.

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How did you become involved in the world of influencers and bloggers? Do you have any favorite brands that you enjoy working with? It’s a truly entertaining story! I was traveling with my dad in the direction of Grand Canyon. We’d always take these amazing photos and each one had an interesting story behind them. I wanted to share those photos and the entire story via my Instagram account.

The result was “The inside View of My Story Behind the Photograph”. In the end, I made the decision to launch the new Instagram page to accomplish this! After a couple of months, I came across other influencers posting posts on fashion companies which made me think, “wow I want to make that happen”. I looked up who they were working with and immediately contacted them asking who their contact to collaborate with them was! One year on, I am receiving regular emails from brands asking to collaborate with me instead of me contacting them directly.


When did you start with Instagram as well as how many Instagram followers do you gain?

It’s an extremely long tale! I first downloaded Instagram in the early days of when it launched in 2010. I first created my account to play around with it and ended up being a “Justin Bieber Fan Account” page. I would regularly post “contests” along with “quizzes” about famous people. …. I loved social media, and it was a great time when I was a kid. I had a total of 20k followers on this account, and I still have and I converted it into a personal account. In May of 2017, I started my own blog, The inside View.

How did you develop your Instagram to the level it is today?

I’ve always been a passionate person and extremely adept at keeping track of trends and numbers. In 2012 I helped grow multiple Facebook pages to more than 100,000 likes. This only did it for an hour every day. I was aware of my unique talent since when I was 12 and I was determined to translate this into my own brand. In February of 2019, I took a course for growth known as Mastery by Mal which taught me a few things I didn’t know about how to grow my account. I’ve been using these strategies and also the ones I developed myself.

I have only spent about 10 minutes per day to growing my following. As of right now, I am following 11,000 people! Have you got any suggestions to share with readers on how to increase the number of Instagram followers? Instagram? (Any particular strategies? What was the time it take you to get to 10k? ) It took me around one year and 15 minutes every day to grow from my slow growing 3000 followers to my current 11k followers. It will be different depending on the individual! My suggestions for readers can be accessible on the internet, but here is what I have found to work for me.