How To Do Keyword Research Which Really Drive The Traffic?

Keyword Research .. The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is, what is keyword research and why keyword research is necessary for an online business? The answer is really very simple, the process of finding keywords that are related to online business is called keyword research and it’s really important for online business because without keyword research you will never know what your potential customer is searching. I can definitely say “Keyword research” is the most important step (baby step) for SEO.

There are a number of people who don’t know what is keyword research & what is the first step of keyword research so I decided to write a post on keyword research – beginning to end.

Step By Step Keyword Research Practice:

Q1. How to find keywords related to business?

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Step -1

It’s really easy, google makes things very easy, go to google & just type your product or services, you will find a number of keywords at the end of the google page.


Now it’s time to make a keyword list, Open notepad and put all keywords in notepad. Keep searching with synonyms & services related to your business & you will find that Google will give you suggestions in the google search bar also. Don’t you think it’s really easy?


I love – Long Tail Pro and, It will suggest so many keywords related to your business…. Type any keyword in the search bar of Long Tail Pro and, it will give you a number of keywords. For example, I am working for and Magento development company & when I did keyword research for Magento I just typed magneto development & the keyword tool gave me so many keywords like Magento development services, Magento frontend developer, hire Magento developer, Magento development agency, Magento development firm and etc. must check

Copy all keywords which really related to your service and business. Take some long-tail keywords also, because with long-tail keywords you can make an effective blog post.

Visit on:


Open google trend – – type a keyword & it will give you which queries are trending as well as which queries are rising. Again open the same notepad and list down keywords or queries which are new & rising

Q2. How can I figure out the total number of individuals who search a specific keyword or keyword phrase on a monthly basis in a specific country?

A simple answer is the google keyword research tool called keyword planner. I can definitely say it’s an awesome tool for keyword research & it’s totally free.

Step-5 (Final Step)

Now open google Adwords – keyword planner. Click – get the search volume and data trends tab on the keyword plane. Upload your text file, choose Targeting location and Date range – by default, it will give you the last 12-month search volume. You can also enter negative keywords. For Example, I am promoting Mumbai real estate project, so by default keyword planner will suggest keywords like buying a home in Mumbai, 2 bhk flats in Mumbai & rent a flat in Mumbai, but my client does not provide rental services so I will enter rent as my negative keywords & now keyword planner will not suggest any keyword related to renting.

Step-6 (Done)

Now keyword research is complete. With keyword planner, you can see the new keywords, Avg. Monthly searches and competition. A keyword planner is the best tool for keyword research, it will give you an idea about how many people are searching for a particular keyword. Keyword planner also gives suggested bids if you are running paid camping for your product or services. Download the excel sheet & take keywords which has good search volume and competition. Use your potential keywords within the title tag.

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