How To Decorate Your Room With Handmade Things?


If you are a homemaker or a bogger, and in both the positions you want to manage your home decor efficiently then you can. If you are an independent female, then all the things have to be organized, planned and executed properly in life. Both home and work take a lot of time in a day and only very less time is left to see the smallest things in the house.

traditional ways of decorating the house

People will love the traditional ways of decorating the house. There are also so many ideas by which people can decorate their home with handmade things. Handmade things not only look good but also help in organizing the space in a better way. It organizes small little things like keeping a beautiful pen holder, a handmade diary, candle holder and many other things also which will keep the home clean.  

If you have love for writing and also you are crazy for the collection of pen and diaries, and have a separate room where you can write your blogs while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. All you can store is a pen holder and beautiful handmade diaries in the living room.

Everyone can write in the diaries as the ideas are for arranging things that are needed very often and easy to locate when it is needed. The diaries should be covered with the beautiful traditional covers which are printed and designed in so many different patterns and prints.

decorate living room

Well everyone spends a lot of their time in the living room and to decorate the living room with the handmade items, the wall hanging tapestry is a fantastic idea. The wall hanging tapestries will cover a large part of the wall behind the big and comfy sofas.

The elephant pattern wall tapestry also  looks amazing in the living room. This wall tapestry will look very majestic and itself pronounces the class of decor.

mandala tapestry

Other than the living room, people can also use the wall hanging mandala tapestry in their bedroom as well. By this tapestry, the room looks more comfortable. The wall hanging tapestries are also good in maintaining the temperature of the wall as well as keeping the room very comfortable.

Also keeping in mind, the lights in the room are not too bright except that in the study room and in the office. For this, you should use lamps and candle holders.

These candle holders and lamps are painted beautifully with the crafted hands which makes it unique. Your friends, relatives and guests will love the lamps and candle holders.

For the better lighting effects, you can place the candle holder over the fireplace as well. Along with the other decorative purposes, the lit candle also serves two purposes and that are:-one gives the sufficient light and second is to reflect light on our family photo. and also we all can enjoy our dinners in the bright candle light. A magnificent candle holder should be kept at the center of the dining table to see the food.

culture and traditions

Also, staying away from the motherland is a big deal even if we are staying with the family. We should understand the rituals and cultures that your family members follow. How modern we all become but should not forget our values, cultures and traditions.For reflecting our culture and traditions, we can decorate our home in a traditional manner such as we can beautifully craft a toran on the main door of the house in the diwali festival. And with each festival of diwali we replace the old toran with the new one. It will keep us close to our culture and values in a very simple manner. These handmade torans look very magnificent and offer a warm and beautiful welcome to the guests.

Wall hangings

Along with the beautiful torans, we can also buy the handmade wall hanging tapestries which is of traditional pattern in which om has been written on it. It will give the traditional and cultural values and also bring a lot of positivity in the house.

Wall hangings are also used in keeping the incoming emails, bills, letters and other important papers. People can keep all their important papers  there in a proper and systematic manner by which they do not need to find out the papers here and there.


So there are so many ways to decorate your room with handmade things and everyone should try out all those ideas. All the ideas above are executed with the least amount as they are not too expensive.


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