Real estate fraud is not very common in Turkey. But unfortunate things happen to people who are still inexperienced. That is why it deserves attention in this regard. There are many avenues for real estate fraud. Home sellers and buyers are also vulnerable to fraud. The most important thing at this stage is to communicate with trusted people and carefully choose the document to sign. When planning for buying property in Turkey, you should consult trusted real estate agents in this field.

Basically because you lack experience, so there are a lot of people who want to cheat you. Therefore, you may have to pay very high commissions if you do not seek advice to avoid commissions. Foreign investors are more likely to suffer from this type of fraud because they are more experienced. Foreign investors who are not fluent in Turkish should work with buying property in Turkey to help with the paperwork listed below;

1. Beware of illegally built goods

Turkey’s building regulations were updated in 2018. Factors such as inspections, seismic control, and structural strength became important. Unsuitable buildings cannot obtain building permits when the inspection cannot be passed. There are many reasons for this. While some buildings are not built on suitable ground, the materials in some buildings are not suitable for use. The state does not issue permits for these buildings. Real estate scammers deceive people who use similar facilities. Therefore, when you are planning buying property in Turkey, be sure to apply for a building permit from the other party.

2. Working with a lawyer/consultant

Buying property in Turkey requires a large amount of money. Every signature in this process is very important and can have serious consequences. You will lose thousands of pounds by mistake. Therefore, when you are planning to invest in large real estate, you can consult a lawyer to follow the agreements and formalities. Registering with a lawyer will free you from major responsibilities.

3. Do your paperwork correctly

Paperwork is very important. There are many bureaucratic processes in Turkey. These operations must be performed directly and quickly. All documents required in the entire legal process must be completed. Getting advice from your real estate agent on paperwork can be very helpful. To avoid problems later, seek help with this advice from a reliable company.

4. Don’t trust fake real estate photos

One of the most common methods used for scams is to deceive people with fake house photos. If possible, you should look head-to-head at the home you are interested in buying property in Turkey. If nothing, you should visit the house via video calls instead of pictures. You should expect images that are directly proportional to the value of the house. Otherwise, you have to suspect. Don’t drive after only seeing pictures of the house.

5. Give priority to reliable real estate companies

Buying property in Turkey and real estate brokers must be licensed. When contacting a real estate agent, you must first check if they have this license. In addition, when choosing your real estate agent, you should deal with an agent that will satisfy clients, you already know how they do their job. Otherwise, they can destroy your confidence and deceive you. 

Buying property in Turkey is a long-term service provider in the Turkish real estate sector. The company provides services in several languages. Real Estate Investment in Turkey is on the side of the client in all legal procedures in Turkey. To meet the requirements of Turkish citizenship, we will provide appropriate advertisements to our clients and provide reliable service through field visits.

6. Learn about the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

If you want to invest for Turkish citizenship, you need to invest in the right real estate for this purpose. To take a safe approach in this regard, you should consult an agent of buying property in Turkey. who is familiar with this issue. Realtors not only find the right home but also give you confidence by being with you in the legal process. For more information about Turkish citizenship, see the article apartment for sale in Istanbul.

What is the penalty for real estate fraud in Turkey?

The penalty for real estate fraud is imprisonment. Real estate fraud is a serious crime that requires imprisonment and a fine. These penalties vary from case to case and can result in imprisonment for up to decades.

Is investing in Turkish real estate safe?

Given the above warning, it is safe to invest in Turkey. In Turkey, where the construction sector is highly developed, investment brings serious benefits to investors. When buying property in Turkey, you should ask an attorney or real estate agent for advisory services regarding the procedure. In particular, some companies like Real Estate Investment in Turkey specialize in foreign investors. These institutions provide services in different languages. Partnership with these agencies is beneficial to you.