Everyone has experienced the sense of being on top of the world when they hear that one music or put on that one outfit that makes them feel on top of the world. To become that one brand that makes its customers feel like they can walk with confidence, Famous Footwear Sneakers the multi-brand shoe retailer, has redefined how its product is more than just shoes – it is an experience.

Famous Footwear Sneakers has set out to become that one brand that makes its customers feel like they can walk with confidence by redefining how its product is more than just shoes – it is an experience that you can avail Famous Footwear Coupons.

During a Sitecore Symposium 2020 breakout session, Dan Cornwell, Director of eCommerce & Digital Experience at Famous Footwear Sneakers, shared his organization’s customer case study, revealing how they re-platformed their organization and transformed their digital experience from functional and transactional to emotional and engaging.

Mr. Koletar was joined on stage by Joe Koletar, Managing Principal at RBA, a Sitecore Platinum Partner, who has been working closely with Famous Footwear Sneakers and its parent company Caleres to achieve their business, technology, and organizational goals for everyone to feel like they are a part of something “famous.”

Creating A Road Map For The Next Ten Years

Famous Footwear Sneakers is a subsidiary of parent firm Caleres, a $3 billion retail conglomerate that also owns some independent shoe retailers in addition to the Famous Footwear Sneakers brand. Each brand has a direct-to-consumer website that generates a significant portion of its income. Caleres also maintains 1,200 storefronts where customers may shop online and pick up their purchases in person (BOPIS).For multiple businesses to come to life, Cornwell said, “we have a lot of websites and a lot of demands.”

Famous Footwear was one of 13 websites that were engaged in the Sitecore deployment. It had to be able to accommodate roughly 400,000 distinct sorts of things that might be purchased, as well as a daily average of 1,000 purchases per hour on a daily average basis. When sales are very brisk during peak season sales, the buying pace may reach around 5,000 orders per hour or two orders per second.

“The overarching purpose of the digital transformation was to upgrade the antiquated Caleres commerce platform with the intent of positioning the business for success over 10 years,” Koletar noted of the firm’s digital transformation. During the previous two years, the Caleres-Sitecore-RBA collaboration, as well as Coveo, a business intelligence search engine, have collaborated on a transformation journey that has taken place across all four organizations involved.

Going Above And Beyond Technology To Create An Experience

Besides a new commerce solution at its heart, the Famous.com change has also been a driving force behind a rebranding effort to upgrade the online experience for users.

Following the brand’s digital transformation, Cornwell said that it was rather homogenous, offering the same shoes that consumers could purchase anywhere else and connecting with customers mostly on an order-by-order basis before the transition.

“It’s not enough to just redesign your website,” Cornwell said. “While you’re in the midst of this process, you should simultaneously be redefining your brand.” And it has a lot of ramifications for the location itself.”

They included their new positioning into their new online experience as part of the overall design.

As part of the buildup to the Famous Footwear Sneakers.com launch, the team released the first new websites in October 2019, beginning with sites that had less functionality and less traffic at the time of their creation. With this test, we wanted to ensure that the solution could manage the high volume of traffic and that everything worked as intended. The group has been gradually adding more and more websites to the platform, with Famous.com being the latest to join the ranks of the platform.


Because of the technology used in this transformation, Caleres can have all of its websites on a single platform, empowers the business to customize without having to go back to the development team, and provides the ability to implement functionality that is unique to their organization. Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce® are two of the technologies use in this transformation.

When dealing with typical traffic and increasing demand, the Microsoft Azure Cloud gives you the freedom to add services that enable you to build a world-class PGI compliant, secure e-commerce platform on the cloud.

With Coveo, you can easily integrate the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), which allows for personalization and machine learning, resulting in higher sales and overall success for your site.

Early Successes Herald A Larger-Than-Expected Level Of Achievement.

Caleres had published 10 out of 13 planned websites on the new platform by the time of Sitecore Symposium 2020 when Cornwell and Koletar delivered their presentation. The remaining three websites were headquarter in the United States and Canada.

“We’re actually on a road to being something more than simply a location to purchase shoes,” Cornwell said proudly.

Famous.com anticipates a double-digit boost in conversions based on the results of past website launches.

To concentrate more on the brand’s customer experience with Famous Footwear Sneakers, the organization has improved functionality that includes elements such as built-in personalization, built-in A/B testing, data-driven operations, and website optimization that allows it to better serve customers.

The Perspective Of Business Empowerment

Furthermore, from the perspective of business empowerment, internal teams now have the tools Famous Footwear Sneakers need to govern website upgrades without having to collaborate with the development team to put everything in place.

According to Cornwell, “we’ve gone a long way in terms of website maturity, as well as our approach to looking at them.” “We’re particularly looking forward to getting our hands dirty in the field of Sitecore optimization for Famous.com.”