A gritty FPS series with a sci-fi storyline and traditional military shooter gameplay was Guerrilla Games’ main emphasis for the majority of its career.

With Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla decided to try something new after a decade of developing Killzone games. The third-person action adventure game has brightly lighted environments full of beautiful colors and wonderful texture.

As a bet, Horizon Zero Dawn paid off handsomely, garnering critical acclaim, selling millions of copies and spawning its own franchise.

Horizon Zero Dawn: This is Guerrilla’s follow-up to Horizon Zero Dawn, an epic adventure that surpasses the original in scope and scope of gameplay.

Ashly Burch returns as heroine Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, continuing her stellar performance from the previous game.

An unwelcome threat is looming over Aloy and her fellow survivors, so she sets out to avert it.

Aloy’s journey

Aloy’s journey takes her from familiar territory to the “Forbidden West,” a vast continent that includes jungles, deserts, prairies, and even San Francisco’s sand dunes.

Horizon Forbidden West is a fascinating narrative, but we don’t want to ruin it for anyone by giving into too much information.

As for Forbidden West, anyone who enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn’s storyline and Aloy’s universe will have a hard time putting it down.

Throughout Aloy’s journey, Guerrilla expertly combines recurring characters with new friends and foes to create an engrossing narrative.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonists

Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonists had uncomfortable, exposition-heavy conversations with one other,

while the character models stood stiffly in place and remained emotionless throughout. Although some of the dialogue is stiff, it’s easier to keep up with the action in each scene since there is so much going on.

Character models in Horizon Forbidden West’s highly-detailed design also help a lot in this regard.

Facial expressions follow every word said by the characters in Horizon Forbidden West, making them look to be practically alive.

Gamers have experienced issues with characters’ eyes being rendered in especially in Guerrilla what does 3 mean from a girl, which is the latest PlayStation game to suffer from this issue.

It’s common to see people looking at each other, but their gazes wander in odd directions or they’re looking in the opposite direction.

While some may find the character interactions grating, they are a vast improvement over Zero Dawn’s counterpart.

Additional problems

Additional problems, such as the game’s oddly shifting eyes, lessen the sense of immersion.

As they go into Horizon Forbidden West, they may come across many visual glitches,

like the inability to open some doors and walls and the appearance of NPCs

flying above the ground or commodities vanishing into the backs of characters.

In Guerrilla, players may explore a massive open world that is visually appealing and filled with exciting activities.

Players in Horizon Forbidden West can hunt for things, do side quests, help others by running errands,

engage in combat in each settlement, and climb all of the Tallnecks. Horizon Forbidden West stands

apart from other open-world games with a huge list of side activities because Guerrilla ensures that no time is wasted

nearly everything in the game is meaningful, either because of the task reward or storyline developments.

Like past open-world games, Horizon Forbidden West’s gamers may neglect the side content,

but doing so is a mistake. Aloy’s friends and other side characters are well-developed in the game’s side material, giving players a greater grasp of each tribe. Horizon Forbidden West’s narrative and world are richer because of the side missions and other activities.

Players who admire Horizon Forbidden West’s plot will enjoy the side quests, while those who desire a competitive edge will benefit from Aloy’s rewards,

since she regularly receives large sums of money. So if Aloy happens upon a group of people being attacked by robots and decides to intervene,

she may be rewarded with new weapons like smoke bombs. This is just one possible scenario. Completing one of the early side quests, for example, awards Aloy with a helpful exploding spear that affords players a major edge in the game’s early conflicts.

Combat in Horizon Forbidden

Combat in Horizon Forbidden West is as fast-paced and exciting as ever.

Players are encouraged to approach combat situations in a variety of ways, from using stealth to destroy

enemies in an encampment to taking on robots head-on in explosive encounters. Players in Horizon Forbidden West

will face about 40 machines, each with its own set of strategies for defeat. In Horizon Forbidden

West’s machine combat, players cut off portions of the machines to weaken them as the encounter progresses, much as in Monster Hunter.

While fighting robots for hours at a time, Horizon Forbidden West never gets boring.

Part of Aloy’s improved combat ability can be attributed to her unique Valor attacks and other powers, which allow her more options in the ring.

With a wider weapon wheel than Horizon Zero Dawn’s, players in Horizon Forbidden West will be able to quickly swap between a greater variety of weapons without needing to dig around in Aloy’s inventory.

Players in Horizon Forbidden West may choose from six different skill trees,

all of which aim to improve Aloy’s abilities and give them full control over how the game is played.

It all comes together to make combat interesting, ferocious, and pleasant.