Saddle blankets, saddle cloths, and saddle pads are the cushions that can reduce the force during your horse-riding training. These pads are mostly made from gel pads, cotton, wool and memory foam, and you must use the best quality saddle pads for your horse to reduce the impact and absorb the shock. It also help horses feel more comfortable, can enhance saddle fit and bruises, prevent cuts and grazing/rubbing on your horse, and prevent wear and tear on your saddle – and many look very pretty!


We go over the several factors for usage, objective, control, and size to assist you in choosing the best horse saddle pads to buy because we know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect one.

Adapt Your Actions To The Horse’s Contours.

For horse saddle pads to prevent pressure on the horse’s spine or withers, it is essential to match the shapes of both the horse’s back and the bottom of the saddle.

Choose the Correct Style

Horse saddle pads come in three shapes: square, half, and shaped. Dressage competitors frequently utilize square pads in the show arena, whereas Hunter/Jumper competitors prefer to use curved pads. You can use a pad that is personalized and customized according to your preferences. All disciplines utilize half pads, which can be used alone or in combination with a square or other form of a pad.

Select the Correct Size

Ensure the pad you use matches the kind of saddle you have. In most cases, pads are created with several saddle designs in consideration. Compared to close contact pads, dressage pads will have a front cut and a shorter length to permit a longer flap. The size of all-purpose pads often varies and lies somewhere in the centre.

For saddles that are shorter than 16 inches, pony or child saddle cushions are also an option. Make sure the pad reaches just a little over the edge of the saddle but not past the horse’s final rib.

A Saddle Fit Improvement Pad

Saddle pads shouldn’t be used to correct an improperly fitting saddle. Search for a saddle that best always fits your horse. Horse saddle pads can, however, occasionally aid in bettering saddle fit. For instance, a custom-fit pad may help a horse to avoid severe pressure sores. Another circumstance where a specialized pad could be a good choice to enhance saddle fit is an undeveloped horse after a lengthy layoff from work. Half pads or shims are frequently effective tools for handling these issues.

Select the Ideal Material

There are several materials available for horse saddle pads. Due to their capacity for moisture wicking, cotton and fleece are among the most often used materials. The fleece might be made of wool or sheepskin, or it could be synthetic. Typically, less expensive and easier to maintain are synthetic fleece and cotton pads. Despite being more expensive and requiring particular care, sheepskin or wool pads can hold up to three times its weight compared to cotton.

The pad’s interior is filled with foam, gel, and polyester batting to provide more cushioning and stress absorption. Remember that if your saddle is properly tailored to your horse, you might not have enough room to utilize a thicker pad without altering how the saddle rests on the horse.

Seat Padding For Function

Additionally, horse saddle pads are a really useful piece of gear. Some saddle pads have Velcro looped straps to firmly fasten the pad at the neck and on the girth points beneath the saddle flap. Some include built-in pockets for storing water and food and you can find some pads designed with phone holders.

Requirements Specific To A Discipline

Remember that certain restrictions, such as colour, may exist when choosing a saddle pad for competition. For instance, you must choose a white saddle pad for a dressage competition. You can be penalized or disqualified from the competition if you choose the wrong color. Before you run out and invest your cash on saddle pads, it’s crucial to understand the rules of the competition that you want to attend.


A three-month checkup and potential modification are typically necessary for saddles that have undergone a comprehensive reflock as the contents settle. Your horse saddle pads will look after you and your horse if you properly care for them.