You know how to invest in cryptocurrencies to try to generate capital gains on your investments. However, unlike an average asset, crypto-assets have the characteristics of a currency (exchangeable, stockable and standard values). Thus, like your euros, you have the opportunity to make your cryptos work in order to generate passive income.

Here is a set of methods to round off your end of the month, or even more!


Let’s start already with the best known. No doubt you have ever heard of cryptocurrency (bittorrent price) mining or demining. As a reminder, miners secure the network by solving mathematical calculations in order to confirm blockchain transactions.

Via your own machine

To become a minor, you will therefore have to first obtain a machine composed of either GPU (graphics cards) or CPU (processors). This choice will have to be made depending on the currency you want to mine. Indeed, since blockchains are not equivalent, they do not work in the same way.

Via a pool of minors

Mining works on the principle of a competition (you must solve the mathematical puzzle first to receive the reward), income is neither regular nor stable. For this, groups of minors have been created. Regularly called mining pools or mining cooperatives, these groups make it possible to pool computing power and thus smooth out gains. The distribution of profits is then proportional to the participation in the pool. This is roughly the same principle as dividends.

The staking

Staking is one of the simplest methods of collecting passive income. This works on blockchains in PoS protocol and its variants. The principle is simple. By holding cryptocurrencies, you participate in the network security process. In return, you get part of the transaction fee on those you have secured.

The loans

The interest of lending your cryptocurrencies is that in return, you will collect interest just like a bank loan for example. In order to understand how rates are calculated (qnt price), it is necessary to understand the interest of borrowing cryptocurrencies.

How does it work?

Unlike the current monetary system where when you borrow you create money, nothing like it for cryptos. At the time of borrowing, you will have to lock a collateral corresponding to 2 to 7 times the amount borrowed. This collateral remains yours, but functions as a deposit in case of non-refund. In addition, it is higher than the amount borrowed because the lender must be sure that you have more interest to return rather than keep the sum of the loan.


Brave is a particular and rather interesting web browser. Imagine that more than 500 million people today use ad blocking software on their mobile and desktop devices. This of course creates problems for advertisers, and it shows the real problem that people have with the advertising landscape. It is everywhere, overexposed and we don’t get anything out of it.

This is what Brave wants to solve. Unlike historical browsers, this one will allow you to choose whether you want to view advertising or not. If this is the case, you will then receive part of the advertising revenue in their token, the Basic Attention Token. Thus, Brave allows you to earn money while browsing the Internet as you normally do. In addition, it protects your privacy.

Similarly, you can earn BAT as an advertiser if you own a website, blog, YouTube channel or Twitch. Without an initial investment and very easy to set up, it could be one of the best ways to obtain passive remuneration.