Almost any property from a television programme, movie, book, comic book, or animated film may be included into Fortnite. As seen by the recent launch of Naruto skins, Fortnite appears to have a keen interest in anime. In terms of anime collaborations, Naruto is hardly unique. According to dataminers, Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z Item Shop Today might be the next animes to combine.

Unconfirmed, but Fortnite’s files have been discovered to contain a bizarre new prop that signals a relationship. People who have seen Dragon Ball Z will immediately recognise the prop. With a button on top, the object resembles a capsule. The contents of these capsules are nearly unlimited in the universe of Dragon Ball Z. The capsule has the Capsule Corp insignia, which consists of a big “C” and a smaller “C.” This item’s name in Fortnite is “Stamina Capsule,” and it is a cooperative item.

Dragon Ball Z-related item

One possible interpretation of this would be to say that Fortnite is releasing a Dragon Ball Z-related item. It is now of little use to the player in the game, but if it hadn’t been included due to potential expansions in the future, we never would have found out about it. In the next days, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was further stuff related to Dragon Ball Z released.

If you are anticipating the arrival of several Dragon Ball Z skins, the leaked item is notable in its own right. The term “Stamina Capsule” hints that this might be a whole new product category. The name suggests that it may provide a sustained improvement in stamina, allowing players to run faster or for longer distances. Many Fortnite agreements result in exciting gameplay additions, if only temporarily. DBZ is one such alliance.

Choosing which skins to include in a collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z may prove to be the most difficult component of the process. Goku and Vegeta are the most apparent options, but who follows them? Gohan and Piccolo are obvious candidates, but others, including as Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, are also deserving of consideration. Fans of Dragon Ball Z will likely desire more and more collaborations.


According to leakers, further information about Fortnite’s future cooperation with Dragon Ball Z will be disclosed in August. Despite the lack of formal confirmation, the new Dragon Ball Z film will be released in North American theatres in the near future. In the next weeks, other leaks are anticipated to confirm the crossing.

Fortnite, a very popular battle royale game, has likely maintained such a big fan base because it has changed over the years. Each season of Fortnite attempts to change things up with new map additions, battle pass content, and an overarching story. Epic has also demonstrated proficiency in cross-promotional content, incorporating Marvel, DC, Halo, and Star Wars into Fortnite, among others.

In addition, it is not uncommon for Epic to rebalance the game’s arsenal, modifying the sandbox-style gameplay by removing or adding new components for players to experiment with, as well as removing elements that are too effective in their current form. There have been a number of adjustments made to Fortnite’s weaponry, resource items, and even the All Terrain Kart since the game was released in 2017.

The Charge SMG is now available in the Season 3 Chapter 3 update, which is great news for Fortnite fans. Here’s how and where to get your hands on the hottest new weapon in town.

Fortnite Charge SMG

In addition to Chests, Supply Drops, and Reality Saplings, this category also includes Reality Saplings. The Charge SMG is also available at every rarity level, from Common to Mythic, as if that weren’t enough.

There are a few things to keep in mind with this weapon. There is no guarantee that players will find a Charge SMG, so they must continue looting until they do. In addition, the Charge SMG is not available in competitive playlists, which is a disadvantage.
The location of the Fortnite flare gun

The Charge SMG operates somewhat differently than other weapons in Fortnite. To charge a weapon, the player must push and hold the trigger for a brief duration.

Therefore, players that participate in gun conflicts with other players will have to be more proactive to ensure they have the time to charge their weapons before firing. Since players are mostly defenceless while charging, they must wait until the charge is complete before emerging from cover and firing their weapon. In contrast, a full charge will unleash a constant stream of bullets jabba switchway, but a quick charge will just discharge a few shots that are unlikely to incapacitate an opponent. The Charge SMG’s enormous magazine capacity also makes it a great close-quarters weapon. Close-range bullets can readily rip through both people and structures, giving them an ideal choice for swiftly destroying even the grandest Fortnite structure.