Follow these Moffett Forklift Operation Tips to Ensure Safety

Moffett Forklift

One of the main concerns for company owners is how to lower the expenses of the business and make maximum profit. If their business involves handling heavy equipment like Moffett forklifts, they have to be very careful as accidents might happen and cause financial damage.

So, the business owners must know the reasons behind accidents that threaten everyone’s safety, cause damage, and increase the company’s expenses.

Reasons Behind Moffett Forklift Accidents Occurrences

The businesses using different forklifts are aware of the accidents in their commercial space, including forklifts tipping over, objects falling from heights, and people getting injured. Below are the reasons why these accidents occur.

Exceeding the Speed Limit

Operators have to observe a specific speed limit for driving forklifts. Although the driving speed for a fully loaded forklift is different from an unloaded one, safety experts have advised maintaining a slower speed.

Over-Loading the Forklift

Many times, the operators want to finish their task before time to be free. They load more goods than the forklift’s actual capacity, which can cause the equipment to tip over.

Operators are not Certified and Trained

The well-trained and experienced operators can drive the forklift and use flatbed trucks correctly. But the operators not certified will have trouble controlling the forklifts, which can be the cause of accidents.

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Unaware of Lifting Capacity of Piggyback Forklift for Sale

Each forklift has its lifting capacity that the operators should be aware of. Many accidents happen and cause damage because more than the items recommended are loaded on the forklifts. The weight information loaded, speed limit and other things are mentioned on the data plate.

Not Inspecting the Equipment

A big reason for accidents related to forklifts is that operators forget to inspect the machinery before starting the shift. Checking the forklift will ensure that the machinery has no mechanical or operational issues.

What Operational Tips to Follow to Ensure Safety?

It has been suggested by safety experts to check the forklift yourself before finalizing the purchase deal thoroughly. Although the heavy-equipment dealers like Truck Forklifts will satisfy the buyers by inspecting the machinery, buyers must go prepared to the dealers.

Make a Checklist of Operational Procedure

The things and operational processes that buyers have to check in a forklift should be written in the form checklist. In this way, business owners will have no difficulty remembering what they want to inspect.

General Inspect the Forklift

The general inspection of the forklift includes looking at every part of the heavy equipment. The points discussed below include the general inspection of the forklift. This general inspection will tell the buyer about the physical shape of the forklift.

Inspect the Operational Functions

The buyers have to make sure that the forklift has no issue starting and shutting off. Also, the brakes should have no problems. The business owners don’t want the forklifts to stop working during an important supply chain step.

Thorough Inspection of Warning Lights and Horn

The warning lights include indicators, headlights, and siren lights on the forklift roof. These lights should be thoroughly inspected; so that the people around the forklift stay safe. Also, the horn has to be in proper working order to warn the pedestrians of the coming forklift.

Investigate the Undercarriage

It has been observed that buyers don’t bother to check the undercarriage of the forklift because they don’t think of it as important. But the undercarriage can be the most damaged because water can create rust, and parts can break off from the bottom.

Don’t Forget the Lifting Mechanism

The forklifts’ lifting mechanism is also crucial because any fault in this system will cause accidents like objects falling off the forks. Make sure that all parts of the lifting system are properly working.

It is important for business owners to know the reasons for Moffett forklifts accidents and what can be done to prevent them and ensure everyone’s safety.

Here are three questions to ensure safe operations of the forklift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What must be done before operating a forklift?

Before operating Moffett forklifts, the most important thing is to inspect them thoroughly. In this way, the operators will know of any issues that might be developing that could cause accidents in the future.

Whats the first thing to check on a forklift?

The visual structure of the forklifts is the first thing buyers should check when they visit any dealer. This checking is important because ignoring this step has often caused accidents and financial damages.

Do forklifts require mirrors?

Yes, the forklifts require a pair of side and rear-view mirrors; so that the operator can know what is going behind the forklift when it is backing up. A handful of accidents related to forklifts result from operators unable to see what is happening at the back.

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