The way advertisements have helped business enterprises build stronger strategies, strengthen customer relationships, and implement marketing strategies is just phenomenal. Sometimes we wonder if an ad film company really makes a difference in the growth of a firm by creating effective ad films. We are unaware of the impact it makes on the ground level.

Making the right advertisement for business can literally turn the tables at once. Knowing how big of an impact ad films make on a business it is really important to know the difference between a good ad film and a bad ad film.

To search for the answer to this same question, today we are taking a look at the top 5 most popular ads of 2022, and let’s see what is the key difference between these popular ad films and the not-so-popular ad films.

Dove’s Stop The Beauty Test

It is so amazing to see ad films that not only promote a certain product, service or business but also share an important social message. One example of such an ad film is Dove’s Stop The Beauty Test. It’s sad to see a lot of brands using terms like “fair”, “pretty”, “beautiful”, etc to promote their products by normalizing a certain kind. Not only does this specific term lead to biases towards groups of people but it also harms their self-esteem to a great extent.

Dove produced an ad film highlighting that this “beauty test” must stop. As woke and responsible citizens to treat people equally irrespective of their appearance.

This example highlights how an ad film that shares a crucial message to people along with promoting the product or service is much more loved and attracts more attention. That’s one strategy to target the correct audience in an effective manner.

CRED’s Great For The Good

CRED India launched an ad film in 2022 talking about their reward-based credit card payments. For this ad film, they cast famous personalities like Rahul Dravid, Neeraj Chopra, and Jim Sarbh.

The ad film quickly surpassed a million views after being launched on various platforms. The reason why the said ad film got so much attention was because of the people cast in the ad film.

When an ad film is created with some famous personality, the success rate of the ad film ascends gradually. This is because the viewers get more credibility to trust a certain brand or a company regarding their products and services when they hear it from famous personalities like Rahul Dravid, Neeraj Chopra, and Jim Sarbh.

Tanishq’s When It Rings True

Another ad film that was truly popular in 2022 was the ad film created for promoting engagement rings, a product by Tanishq, the jewelry brand. Neither does this ad film focus on spreading awareness about some social issue nor does it have any famous personalities involved, yet it received a lot of attention from viewers all around the country. The reason is simple, they kept it very simple and organic. The ad film simply talks about the cherished unique bond between a couple and highlights how and why their engagement rings are perfect to celebrate special and true moments.

Cadbury’s Good Luck Girls

As a nation that used to be quite orthodox about females getting successful in their careers, we are really proud to see the girls doing wonders today. To celebrate the same Cadbury launched an ad film that focuses on girl power through the portrayal of a female cricketer. Such an impactful ad is bound to get people’s attention and become popular.

Byju’s’ ‘Master Ji – A Teacher’s Day Tribute’

The online education platform – Byju also succeeded in making an impactful ad film by highlighting the quick adaptiveness of Indian teachers to change their teaching methods during the pandemic and assured students of quality studies. The ad film got a lot of support from the viewers,