1. Bachelor in Hospitality Management

If you are interested in a career in hospitality management, you know international experience is an advantage in this global industry. If you are interested in acquiring leadership skills, analytical and communication skills, and other essential tools to work in any organization in the hospitality industry, this program can help you achieve that.

The diploma of this university is ideal for people who dream of moving up the career ladder. And for those who are just starting, it offers excellent prospects for future work in food and beverage, hotels and resorts, restaurant management, and marketing.

2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainability Management

Are you looking for an interactive bachelor’s degree program in sustainable development management?

Through this program, you will learn how to strategically integrate sustainable practices into the operations of every business to provide the added competitive edge needed in today’s challenging business environment. Through regular interaction with the business community and the corporate world, you will gain access to real business transactions.

You will also develop leadership and intercultural skills and gain hands-on experience by going to a special camp, during organized trips and visits to international organizations under the careful guidance of experts.

Sound interesting?

3. Bachelor of Psychology

Designed and led by licensed psychologists, this program allows students to discover the fascinating world of psychology.

At the university, you can study online and part-time. This recognized diploma will prepare you for a wide range of jobs and opportunities.

If studying topics like forensic and investigative psychology, educational psychology, sport and exercise psychology, and critical social psychology sounds exciting, be sure to check it out!

By graduation, you will have an understanding of the scientific and theoretical underpinnings of the discipline of psychology and have developed a detailed knowledge of several specialized areas and applications of psychology.

You will also acquire a range of skills including critical thinking, communication, evidence-based reasoning, investigative skills, Data Analytics, and more.

4. Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Industry

If you love sports and are interested in turning this passion into a career. Consider the following popular bachelor of business administration program in the sports industry.

You will master the established theoretical foundations of sports management, strategy, marketing, and research methodology, as well as gain the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and succeed in a career in the sports industry.

Level 5 in Management, officially recognized by OFQUAL in the UK. Allows students to complete a year of study at leading universities in the UK and receive a double bachelor’s degree.

Highlights of the program include a diverse student body and endorsements from international accrediting bodies. And an exciting array of guest speakers from the sports industry.

5. Bachelor’s degree in international relations and diplomacy

It is the most popular online bachelor’s degree program in international relations and diplomacy. It is offer by Schiller International University in Germany.

Gain the experience you need to start a career in government, business, and journalism. As well as international organizations and law firms, or gain the skills and knowledge you need if you choose to pursue your studies and earn a master’s degree in political science and international relations.

You will study the humanities as well as history, economics, political science, and international relations.

You will then be able to apply your sharpened analytical skills by working on case studies. Participating in debates, and gaining hands-on training in negotiation and conflict mediation.

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