• After booking the Spirit flights, you may want to cancel the flights for some uncertain reasons. Moreover, flight cancellation can be stressful if it’s too costly. Here, we will help you get the required details Spirit Cancellation Policy. Thus, go through this guide to know the exact step by step process here. Your trip can be hassle-free if you follow the below mentioned procedure. Also, get to know about the cancellation charges and refund policies for flight cancellation/change here. Thus, give a quick read of this guide for authentic details.

    What is Spirit flights cancellation policy?

    Under certain situations you may have to cancel or alter your booked Spirit flights. In that case you can opt for the Spirit Airlines flight change policy. This policy might not be applicable to all kinds of Spirit Flight bookings. However, you can do the cancellation for certain Spirit flights. Also, under various circumstances you may not get a refund for your cancelled flight. However, you can get a credit for the cancelled or changed flights.

    Who is eligible for flight cancellation?

    • Anyone who has booked a Spirit flight.
    • There should be valid reason for flight cancellation.
    • You have to share authentic documents for cancellations.

    Rules for the Spirit Airlines flight cancellation

    Spirit Airlines specifies certain rules and regulations for flight cancellation:-

    • You can get a full refund for the Spirit Airlines flight cancellation under certain circumstances.
    • You are eligible to cancel the flights within 24 hours of booking. And you can get a refund as well if the flight is scheduled for 7 days later.
    • You won’t be able to get any compensation if you have book the flight through an agent/third party.
    • You can choose the online/offline procedure to the spirit flight cancellation.
    • If you cancel the flight within 60days of the scheduled flight then you can qualify for a refund.
    • You will also get refunds for flight cancellations due to serious illness, death, or any other similar situations.
    • In case of serious illness or death you need to provide all the authentic documents for the same.

    What are the reasons why you can cancel a Spirit flight?

    There are several reasons to cancel the Spirit Airlines flights. We will let you know about some of the reasons here:-

    Medical emergency 

    • You can change the Spirit flight tickets for any unknown medical emergency.
    • You are eligible to cancel the flight for any uncertain death.
    • You have to submit a valid death certificate to get the refund.

    Due to weather change

    • Spirit Airlines cancels the flight for sudden weather change.
    • This is an uncontrolled circumstance. Thus, Spirit offers reserved credit for this.

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    How to cancel a Spirit Airlines flight?

     You can alter/ cancel your flights by using the Spirit Cancellation Policy:-

    • You can choose the online or offline method.
    • Choose the Spirit Airline website.
    • You can also cancel the flight with the Spirit mobile app.
    • Besides that, you can choose the airport facility to cancel the flight booking.
    • Or select the Spirit Airline customer agent facility.

    Spirit flight cancellation through the website

    • Visit the Spirit Airline’s official website.
    • Choose the “My Trips” section.
    • You must share details like your last name and the ticket booking confirmation code.
    • Select the continue button.
    • Then choose the cancel reservation button.
    • Finally, pay the fee for cancellation if required.

    Spirit flight cancellation through a mobile app

    • You have to install the mobile Application for this process.
    • Then, finish the registration process.
    • You have to visit the “My Trips” option.
    • Then enter the required details.
    • Finally, complete the payment or proceed to the next step.

    Spirit Airlines flight cancellation through customer agent

    • You have to contact customer care on call to avail of this facility.
    • Dial the number of the customer care agent.
    • Then, share all the necessary details.
    • Finally, make the payment for the flight change.
    • You will receive a confirmation text after cancellation.