Explore the vibrant art of India this Heritage Week at The Bombay Store.

Symbolising the beauty of Indian Culture, The Bombay Store has won hearts with its spectacular-looking masterpieces. Their exquisite range of products replicates the beauty of Indian history and cultural heritage. Indeed, The Bombay Store was gestate in 1906 and has been carrying its Swadeshi legacy since then.

This store has had the privilege of hosting Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru at the time of its inception. The variety of products sold by them is an ideal blend of contemporary style and modernistic approach, with roots embedded deep in Indian Heritage. They are all about encouraging people to go to Swadeshi by promoting their fully “Made in India” products and giving Indian artists their due recognition.

In the wake of encouraging Indian culture, The Bombay Store is celebrating World Heritage Day with its eclectic range of products. They showcase various uniquely Indian art forms through their products within categories like home decor handicrafts, drinkware, stationery, tableware, cushion covers, handbags, showpieces, wall clocks, bells, organisers, brassware, woodenware, shawls, laptop bags, and many more.

Each piece has stylistic prints with inspiration derived from the artful history of India. It Indian animals, ceremonial practices, or graphic work, the store has always brought something magnificent with deep nuance to the consumers. With their products, they spread the magnanimous beauty of Indian culture throughout the world.

Indigenous Indian Art Forms that inspire The Bombay Store Products:

Products of The Bombay Store represent some of the distinctive art forms popular in India. They exhibit exemplary beauty that makes them a popular choice. Their products are the finest examples of celebrating Indian culture, which gives voice to the essence that lies within.

1. Connecting with Nature through Gond Art: 

It is a special art form of the Gond Tribal community, who believed that painting and viewing beautiful images would bring good luck to them. The Gond word comes from the Dravidian expression called ‘Kond’, which means green mountains. Though it mainly belongs to Madhya Pradesh, this art form has been commonly seen in Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Maharashtra.

An excellent thing about Gond Art in the products of The Bombay Store is that you get to see authentic folk-art forms representing nature at their best. 

  1. Appreciating Rich Heritage with Metal Artwork:

Metalwork has been a part of India since 3000 BC in Indus Valley Civilisation. Since then, the art form has been an integral part of the Indian continent. In fact, artisans from the Ladakh region of Kashmir are known to make vessels from brass and iron. Apart from them, the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh is famous for crafting an array of brass items like toys, showpieces, bowls, pots, and trays.

Some of the other places where metal artwork is prominent are Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha. Generally, the molten metals are poured into shaped moulds to craft beautiful figurines.

  1. Capturing Religious Essence with Madhubani Art:

Belonging to the state of Bihar, the Madhubani folk art form represents exotic and intricate geometrical patterns. These designs are articulated to represent religious occasions, festivals, and rituals. The Madhubani designs are created with twigs, fingers, brushes, matchsticks, and nib-pens. These artists create some of the most complex designs that are truly worth appreciating.

This form of folk painting originated in the Mithila district of Bihar. At that time, such paintings were conventional only by women. You get to see human connectivity with nature and its religious aspects. The Bombay Store celebrates World Heritage Day with its plethora of Madhubani paintings that idolises cultural marvel. You can decorate them in your home or office for artistic interiors.

  1. Ideating Vedic Stories with Kantha Embroidery:

Hailing from West Bengal, Kantha is a specialised form of embroidery that signifies the story of “Samudra Manthan,” where Lord Shiva drank the poison. It shows that the inspiration for the embroidery comes from Vedic time. This art form idealises the skills of rural women that work on the cotton sarees, dhotis, or quilts. Because of running stitch, Kantha embroidery appears to exotic.

Indeed, the popularity of this embroidery has been taken to new heights by The Bombay Store. This store supports and popularises Indian art forms in their true sense. We create products that connect people with the cultural significance of the folk arts.

  1. Magnifying Sacred History / Mythology with Kalamkari Art:

As a hand-painted or block printing art form designed on cotton cloth pieces, Kalamkari is one of the most beautiful crafts. Undoubtedly, the magnetism of Kalamkari is depicted through Srikalahasti and Machilipatnam styles. The idea of the art form is to showcase religious figures and scenes from Hindu sacred epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

This spectacular art form dated back to the 17th century and originated in Andhra Pradesh. The designs are intricate scenes depicted on the cotton cloth through pen or blocks. This beautiful work presented in digital form has been an integral part of The Bombay Store as we believe in refining the world of rich Indian culture. As a part of World Heritage Day, The Bombay Store has brought some of the masterpieces of Kalamkari to suit every special occasion.

The Bombay Store Enhancing the Charm of World Heritage Day (18th April) :

World Heritage Day is certainly celebrate to highlight the goodness of a country’s cultural heritage. This day, different countries organise various programs to propagate and preserve their culture and historical significance by paying it tributes in various ways.

The matter is all about familiarising people with art forms and specialities that make their country different from others. Taking a step ahead, The Bombay Store has offered a platform for the next generation to learn about India’s glorious past through art forms. Our category of products depicts the richness existing in our Indian tradition.


World Heritage Day (18th April) is the ultimate opportunity for the countries to bring their cultural magnificence to the limelight. In this matter, The Bombay Store has authentic Handicraft products highlighting the beauty of rich Indian culture through a week-long celebration. You can visit your nearest The Bombay Store and explore the art in its real form. Decorate your abode with a heritage that you’ll proud of.

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