Clear quartz is a storm that is primarily composed of both oxygen and silicon atoms. The clear quartz is a luscious, transparent crystal as its name suggests. The stone is believed to bring mental clarity to all those people who carry this gemstone and this gemstone is commonly associated with having several healing and spiritual properties. The clear quartz is known for being a detoxifier or a stone that provides clarity to the mind and the body. 

It is known to be the ideal stone for anyone who believes in setting new goals and targets. It is a powerful stone that is known to help individuals carve out their visions and provides a clear path away which can be followed to achieve all goals. 

The Unique Colour of the Clear Quartz 

There are several components that contribute towards the transparent and clear colour of the clear quartz Crystal.  The crystal is a colourless crystal that is a variety of silicate minerals. The clear quartz belongs to the same gemstone group as the rose quartz, amethyst, onyx, jasper and citrine. This unique clear crystal is commonly known as rock crystals or crystal quartz due to its transparent colour. 

These gemstones are made up of silicon dioxide and are one of the most abundant and common chemical compounds on Earth. This is beneficial for us since the clear quartz is rich and in abundant quantities. 

Moreover, the clear quartz crystal has a trigonal crystal structure and has a waxy or dull lustre.  This gemstone is known for its clarity and its transparent almost opaque colour. The clear quartz crystal is known for its clarity and any gemstone that is eye clean has higher monetary values. 

 Many gemstones have inclusions such as gas, dust particles and even liquid particles that are a result of mineral impurities during crystallisation and hence these gemstones will be cheaper. 

Why is The Clear Quartz Clear and Smooth?

Clear quartz is known to be the second most abundant mineral that is present in the Earth’s crust. It comes in several different varieties which include amethyst, citrine, onyx and agate. The most basic and easiest way to understand the formulation of clear quartz is that it is the crystallised form of silicon dioxide. These clear quartz are formed in igneous rocks or mostly in environments that have geothermal waters. In igneous rocks, these quartz form as magma cools and as water turns to ice, these silicon dioxide particles crystallise while they cook down to fork the quartz. Slow cooling contributes to increasing the size of the gemstone and the gemstone is larger when it is cooled slowly.  

The quartz is derived from a German word that means hard and many ancient Greeks called the quartz ‘krustallos’ which means icy cold and hence is known as the quartz crystal in English. These quartz crystals are formed through a hydrothermal process and are normally found in three types of geological formations. These environments include silica-rich molten rocks when they are cooling down and solidifying, pegmatites during the pneumatolytic process and watery solutions of the silica which is present under high temperatures and higher pressures. 

Thereby, the constant changes in pressure and temperature play a crucial role in the overall structure and formation of quartz crystals. The formation of quartz crystals is a slow and gradual cooling process of magma from igneous rocks or the precipitation from the hot watery silica solution. 

The  Various Shapes and Sizes of The Clear Quartz 

There are several types of shapes a crystal can come in and surprisingly these shapes have strong connections with the meaning of the crystal, its energy output and its use. The point or tower is a type of clear quartz crystal shape that consists of a 6 or 8 sided tower that has a flat base that allows the tower to stand. The energy of this tower shape is usually directed upwards and out. 

Moreover, these crystal towers are mainly used for Feng Shui, meditating and for cleansing the soul and relaxing the mind.  In addition to the crystal towers, another shape is the sphere which is known to emit energy from all its sides and these spheres are known for providing a feeling of harmony, stability, unity and peace. 

The sphere is known to resemble the circle of life and hence it brings an energy that connects and brings our life force together. The main function of the pyramid is to assist an individual in manifestation. The solid structure of this pyramid is known to have a grounded and stabilised energy and it is known to connect the root and crown chakras. This allows an individual to connect with higher dimensional thinking while still remaining grounded. The main uses of this shape are for Feng Shui, manifestation, cleansing and balancing of the chakras and lastly meditation.

The Healing and Soothing Properties of the Colour 

The transparent colour of this unique gemstone has several soothing and healing properties. This clear colour is not only attributed to mental clarity but also decluttering of the negativity and distractions in the mind, soul and body. This gemstone is a detoxifier as it aligns the mind and soul to focus on achieving the goals that have been set. This gemstone is a perfect addition to people who procrastinate or individuals who easily get distracted. Get yourself clear quartz and see the miracles of this gemstone.

The Calmness & Clarity Embodied by The Clear Quartz 

After going through the unique opaque colour of this clear quartz I’m sure you’re looking to get your hands on one. The key to buying good quality and rare clear quartz is finding a crystal that is eye clean and completely clear.. It is an excellent gift or addition to your gemstone collection. It is commonly associated with providing direction, focus and clarity to individuals.


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