As we know, localization is crucial for the global success of any software. It helps you to resonate with your audience’s linguistic and cultural preferences and allows you to thrive in new markets. But you cannot blindfold yourself while choosing a translation company.

Software development is a complex yet lengthy process that requires you to work with a team or multiple teams at the same time, including professional software localization services. Well, your software is a reflection of your unique ideas and brainstorming. You will not want to lose it to someone who was once your ally and turned out to be a thief breaching the information portal.

There are cases, where internal resources sell out business ideas to other companies. Although there are penalties for such culprits, you should consider taking precautions to secure your confidential data.

Consequences of Acquiring Non-Professional Translators

While searching on the internet, you might find a lot of translation service providers claiming to be the best. But not all of them are trustworthy and reliable. Hiring non-professionals can have far-reaching consequences. Here is why acquiring unprofessional services is a security risk:

  • Accidental leaks

As localization involves human interaction with the software and sensitive user data, there are chances of accidental leaks due to inadequate training and a lack of security protocols.

  • Cultural insensitivity 

You might have read a thousand times that localization is highly based on cultural adaptation. It means you need to build a plain ground to connect with your audiences. A non-professional translator might miss these nuances, leading to offensive content and damaging the brand’s image.

  • Inadequate data security

A reputable translation company understands the value of data security and invests in robust security measures such as access controls and encrypted servers. Unprofessional translators might lack these safety measures, leaving your data vulnerable to breaches.

How to Ensure Confidentiality When Working with Localization Services?

Here are a few key considerations that will help you to ensure confidentiality while working with a localization company:

  • Data: Secure Your Software’s Lifeline

In the development process, everything revolves around the data. It is the information that you generate or collect by investing your time and resources to create software or an application that meets your target audience’s requirements. And one day, you notice a problem. That’s the copyright strike from your competitors because they claim you are stealing their idea. It happened because you didn’t focus on securing your software’s lifeline.

Well, don’t worry. There is a solution to this problem. Verify that the localization company you are partnering with utilizes secure and encrypted servers with multi-factor authentication and role-based access controls.

Other than that, encrypted cloud storage solutions and secure FTPs are essential. Make sure to not share sensitive data through email or other unsecured channels.

  • Get Non-Disclosure Agreements Signed

Do not hurry! Take your time to prepare a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement that clearly defines all the security-relevant terms and conditions.

Outline the limitations of the NDA about how the information can be used and disclosed by the localization company. Moreover, define the terms and conditions under which the NDA can be terminated.

  • Check for Certifications 

There are security certifications for localization companies that represent them as a reliable and trustworthy source to get your applications localized. Look for a provider with relevant security certifications like ISO and SOC.

What Else Do You Need to Ensure the Security of Your Application’s Data?

While NDAs and certifications are crucial, strengthen your security posture by fortifying your data security with:

  • Project Management Tools

As you are outsourcing software or mobile application localization services, you need a platform where you can monitor your workforce’s real-time activities and manage the tasks. Choose secure project management tools. It will allow controlled access to project information and collaboration tools while restricting authorized viewing of sensitive data.

  • Implement a Data Loss Prevention System

Data loss prevention is a smart system that allows monitoring and restriction of unauthorized data transfers, preventing accidental leaks, and adding an extra layer of security. Using a DLP system, you can add the user limit to the data portal. Allow only trusted personalities to access the sensitive data and monitor their activities.

  • Communication and Transparency

While developing software, you might be depending on your team a lot. Although their tasks are already prepared and they are following their tracks, you still cannot leave them unattended. Keep a sleek eye on everyone, observe their activities, and always keep them in the loop. Timely meetings and communication will keep them aware that someone has kept an eye on them. They will stay alert and won’t try to do any unethical activity.


Following these guidelines will help you make an informed decision while partnering with a localization company. Moreover, they will assist you in navigating the software localization process with confidence and knowing your team while ensuring the safety of sensitive data.