There is so much to do in San Diego, the major American city with a small-town feel. Indeed, ‘America’s Finest City’, as it’s popularly known, is a collection of unique neighborhoods that merge culture, cityscapes, beaches, over-the-top and nuanced attractions of all kinds. It’s the perfect place for a family excursion, especially during the holidays.

Whale Watching in San Diego Harbor

Whale watching San Diego is renowned for many reasons. The waters off the coast of San Diego seem to be a hub for many types of whales and other sea life as they transit to and from other points in the ocean. Whale watching season in San Diego is a year-round experience.

The abundance of food in these waters attracts gray, blue, fin, humpback and minke whales, as well as pods of Pacific Common dolphins and Offshore Bottlenose. There aren’t too many places where you can see a creature that weighs up to 300,000 pounds sharing space with sea lions.

Whale watch excursions make for dynamic and fun family experiences. For most families, they’re unusual enough to represent a special moment in time and there’s something about bearing witness to the kinetic sea life all around that inspires memorable thoughts and conversations. It’s not unusual for a whale to breach right next to the boat, causing everybody on board to laugh with excited nervousness. The boat is, after all, in the whale’s backyard.

Man’s Best Friend Whale Watching

If you’ve ever wanted to go sailing with a dog, come to San Diego. There’s nothing like watching your best friend sniffing at the ocean breeze, seeing and hearing whales breaching and marveling at a new environment.

Dogs onboard has been shown to have a therapeutic effect, too. Sometimes, especially if it’s somebody’s first time on the water, they might be pretty nervous about the experience. By cuddling with the dog, though, they are able to focus on something else. Usually, it’s not long before they’re leaning on the rail and peering out over the water.

End-of-The-year Family Activities

Balboa Park has tons to offer all year. This holiday season, the Old Globe Theatre at Balboa Park is again transformed into snowy Who-ville, as its troupe puts on Dr. Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Shows run through December 31st.

The Fleet Science Center at Balboa Park also gets into the winter spirit, hosting Winter Paradice, where patrons can skate on a synthetic ice rink, amidst many other fun, winter-themed activities.

Legoland is always a popular choice for kids and parents alike because it is a visually stunning place that encourages hands-on activities that inspire the imagination. During its Holiday Event, Legoland decks itself out in holiday cheer.

San Diego really is a city for everyone. There are things to do indoors and outdoors, for free and at cost, fast-paced or relaxed, all very much dependent on your family’s desires. From whale watching San Diego January to visiting Legoland in March to relaxing at Waterfront Park in July, the choices are endless. Check out San Diego’s website to see a list of upcoming events and visit an online sailing charter company to learn more about spending some quality family time out on the water.