Hoverboard is an electric personal transport consisting of two motorized wheels pushed by any motor or using an electric device like a battery. A self-balancing scooter mostly uses lithium-ion batteries, the batteries used in laptops and cell phones.

Types of hoverboard batteries


There are many kinds of hoverboard battery are in use for so long. The lithium-ion battery is the most common battery used in hoverboards. One of the major features of these batteries is that one size fits all. Not only they are small but are also able to store large amounts of electricity. So, sometimes overheating and explosion can be the consequences of large amounts of electricity storage. The blue shrink-wrapped batteries are the most common replacement for 2015 and 2016 models. Green and grey batteries are also the evolution of the same era.

Eco-friendly lead acid hoverboard battery


Lithium-free battery is also in use these days. They are also called lead acids.  They are cheap as compared to a lithium-ion battery and are made of modern technology. They are safer than lithium-ion batteries as their electrolyte is water and is less likely to burn out. A hole is present for escaping oxygen and hydrogen from the battery to avoid any build-up in the battery.

The function of oxygen in hoverboard battery


Oxygen in the battery combines and reduces to form water by using hydrogen in well-sealed lead acid batteries. Any damage to the battery can cause danger like Lithium-ion batteries but they are less combustible due to lithium free. These batteries are wrapped up in aluminum alloy allowing more safety for scooter boards. The lead acid batteries also have some negative effects on self-balancing boards. These are heavy batteries with a shorter life span. They are less efficient and take more time for recharging.

Battery life of hoverboard battery


The life span of a hoverboard battery before replacement is one to two years. It usually lasts for 45 minutes to 1 hour after replacement keeping in mind the following factors recommended weight limit, rough terrain, hoverboard different types and happiness of battery before and after charging. The Hoverboard battery may quash while riding through rough surfaces and steep slopes. By handling the battery carefully, we can save it from drainage and dying out. Remove the lower part of the hoverboard body and unscrew it for changing the battery. The 4 screws are drawn off which hold the battery to the Swegway. The previous battery is unplugged and the new battery is plugged in and screwed tightly to the body of the self-balancing scooter. Then the lower part of the body is screwed back tightly.

Electric scooter board


Electric scooter board batteries use chargers to power them. The voltages of chargers are usually 42 or sometimes 36. It depends on the features of the hoverboard. Its charging gets completed in 2 to 3 hours. If you left it charging after it is fully charged, then it will result in the burning out of the battery. When the battery gets down, the hoverboard scooter starts blinking. The red color is the indicator of less charging. Sometimes it shows blue or green lights. These indicate that Swegway in its proper position carrying the limited recommended weight is ready to move forward in an appropriate manner.

Hiboy S11 Budget E-Skateboard


Hiboy is available for under 300$. The qualities like top speed, and light weightiness is evident from the board. The electric longboards cheap rates make it very fascinating product to use. It has a top speed of 12.4 mph. The lightweight is 7.94 mph. And the motor power it uses is 250$.

The Hiboy S11’s key selling feature is its incredibly slim design, which weighs just 7.94 pounds, making it the perfect choice for consumers who depend on a portable solution. Since it is only 29 inches long, it is essentially a penny board with an electric motor.

Blitzart Mini Flash E-Skateboard


It is available for under 200$ best electric longboards at cheap rates. You will be astonished to know about the features of the hoverboard. The top speed at this price is 10mph. The weight of the product lies up to 9lbs and the motor power it uses is 250W.

The wireless remote, which also allows you to reverse the Blitzart and change between the novice and expert rider modes, is used to manage the board’s acceleration and deceleration.

We hope that you would have liked the listing of the top 5 electric longboards at cheap rates. Now, you will be able to choose the best one according to your budget and choice.


Best 36V hoverboard battery


36V hoverboard battery is better than 25. 2 V batteries because they have more power and more capacity to live a healthy life. They help individuals to move comfortably and fastly through hills and slopes. Electric scooter boards were catching fire and were very dangerous for users, eBay and amazon stopped the sale of batteries. Then new batteries are developed.  Those enhanced batteries were enclosed in a thick black plastic shell. Now heat sensor is adjusted in these to sense any kind of damage due to heat and fire. They are usually black in color.