Effects of low-income housing on property values

Effects of low-income housing

Low-income housing is affordable homes and apartments especially made for people living on low incomes. Low-income housing projects are generally less develop and less luxurious. Their prices are significantly lower in comparison to normal housing projects, and their costs do not exceed a certain amount. Many people are concern that common-income housing projects might have an effect on the price of other properties in that area and would undermine the value of the neighborhood. Buy plots in Blue World City.

Property Value

Despite all the concerns and talks, none of the claims have proven to be true. Research conduct by the Urban Studies program at San Francisco has found that low-income housing projects. The area have no negative effects on surrounding properties. In fact, multiple studies have proven that the existence of a low-income housing project in a room can help boost or increase the value of property in that neighborhood. Research is done by

HUD’s low-income housing tax credits have found that developing low-income housing. Societies is severely underdevelop areas has help improve the entire neighborhood. Trulia conduct market research in which they study 3000 low-income housing societies in various neighborhoods. They conclude that none of the communities experience a decrease in value due to the construction of low-income housing societies.

Low-income housing societies in Pakistan

There are several low-income housing societies and other projects in Pakistan that you can invest in. Below we have mention some of the prominent low income housing societies in different cities of Pakistan. read more about Capital Smart City.

Al-Jalil Garden

Al-Jalil garden is a housing society construct in Lahore and is on the Jaranwala-Sharqpur road, a few minutes away from the M2 motorway connecting Lahore and Islamabad. The biggest plus point of this housing society is that it has already been approve. Al-Jalil garden offers plots at the lowest prices in all of Pakistan. The houses range from 4,000,000 to 6,000,000. The work is said to be complete in 2 years, after which the residents will be able to live there, and possessions will be given.

New Lahore City

New Lahore city is locate on main canal bank road and is locate in the center of the city. It is a project of the Zaitoon group, which is being one of the leading real estate developers in Pakistan. New Lahore city has one of the most affordable prices along with extremely flexible installment programs. Along with being locate in one of the prime locations, it provides a number of amenities to its residents. Aims at being environmentally friendly.

Sitara Diamond City Faisalabad

Sitara Diamond City Faisalabad is locate on Main Satiana road. Faisalabad is one of the most sought out areas of Faisalabad and has a number of housing societies situate near it. It gets connect to all the major roads of Faisalabad and allows the residents to stay connect with the rest of the city. This housing society is a gate community and has 24/7 camera surveillance, ensuring that it is a safe place with zero crime rate. It promises an undisrupted supply of water, gas and electricity. The high-quality facilities, the prices of plots in Sitara Diamond city are extremely reasonable. An individual living can easily afford them on a nominal income.  They offer many installment programs that make payment easier and more convenient. Sitara Diamond city has been approve by the Faisalabad Development authority and grantee a NOC, officially making it a legal housing society. invest in 1947 housing.

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