Eco-friendly packaging is an effective strategy that many companies have taken to protect the environment from hazardous waste. The importance of eco-friendly packaging is gaining more importance day by day. This article will see why it’s important and how a company can achieve it.

Importance of Packaging

Packaging plays a vital role in a product success story in the market. No matter what kind of industry you belong to, whether you are going to launch a new product or want to refresh your current product with some attractive design and style, there comes the need for packaging. In today’s world, almost every industry depends on smart packaging that can increase its sale, add value to it, enhance its shelf life, etc. So, when we talk about eco-friendly packaging, it means that a company has to consider the environment and safety measures while choosing their packaging design. They rely a company like for this purpose because reliable supplier will help them to meet their needs.

Packaging plays a major role in the marketing of a product. We all know that whether you are going to launch your new shampoo or any other skincare product, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is its attractiveness and smartness, as many people judge a book by its cover. The same applies to any business, where the outside appearance plays an important role in its success.

Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging is very important for any company; it enhances the beauty of its product. There are many reasons, including visual benefits, branding & marketing purposes, etc. So when we talk about eco-friendly packaging, it means that a company has to consider the environment and safety measures while choosing their packaging design.

Eco-friendly materials must be recyclable, either recycled by recycling plants or reused in another way where they cannot be recycled anymore, so here you have an option of either recycling or reusing them without causing pollution or harming the environment. When you go out there on the market, you will find many Eco-friendly packs made up of recyclable materials like cards, plastic bottles, glass jars, etc.

  • The idea is that people will use the packaging to save resources. This means that you can reuse the boxes over and over again instead of throwing them out.
  • According to a survey, almost 1/3rd of the world’s waste every day comes from bottles, wrappers, and containers that are made up of plastic. If we increase this ratio, lots of plants will be cut down or lots of animals will have to be killed for food.
  • Some people put plastic wrappers, bottles, and other things in the water. The environment is harmed when this happens.

Easy Ways to Make Ecological Packaging:

1) Using Glass for Packaging

You can use glass bottles, jars, or other containers for packing your items, etc. You need to make your gifts look like the traditional way. Do this by wrapping them in paper and then tying them up with string or tape. After that, wrap them in plastic for protection so they don’t break easily.

2) Using Cardboards:

Cardboard is a good way to pack food because it lasts and you can use it instead of plastic. When we eat food that is wrapped in plastic, all the bad stuff from the plastic goes into our body too. You can also use it for the packaging of fragile items that might break easily if they are wrapped in plastic.

Also, you can put food in a paper bag. You can also use other paper products, like wax paper, to wrap food. If you spill the contents, make sure to clean it up before it leaks all over.

3) Packaging of Foodstuff in Jute Bags:

Jute bags are the best alternative material for packaging foodstuff products because they are completely eco-friendly and don’t contain any synthetic substance that damages your health. Furthermore, these bags are cheaper than plastic wrappers, more durable, and tougher to break. In addition, you can reuse them many times just by hand washing them with mild detergents.

4) Using Brown Paper Bags:

Brown paper bags are made from 100% recycle paper. They have a lot of natural elements. This means they will go into the soil and decompose after 24 months. Your company wants to give people an impression that you are environmentally friendly. Use eco friendly kraft packaging bag for this, and it will impress customers.

5) Use natural Fibers like Cotton and Jute:

Cotton and jute are materials that you can use to make eco-friendly packaging. For example, cotton is biodegradable and compostable, making it an environmentally friendly material. However, it takes around 100 – 120 days for a cotton product to decompose completely, even unnoticed in the soil, and this rate may vary according to exposure and other external conditions like rainfall and sunlight intensity.

On the other hand, Jute is not biodegradable but can be composted easily as living organisms feed on its remains within several months. However, polypropylene is for you if you have something durable than plastic or jute.


Today, it is important to have eco-friendly packaging because the environment is getting polluted. The pollution is caused by plastic in landfills and oceans where fish live. There are risks to the marine food chain which will impact our health.

Some countries have banned plastic bags or are charging a lot for them. India did this recently because it saw how much plastic bags harmed nature. Some countries forbid people from using, selling, or stocking up on plastics that are less than 50 microns thick (0.05 mm).

Though jute/cotton bags can be use for industrial packaging of goods at a mall. The manufacturers of these products cannot do without plastic or any other form of packaging. Since their long shelf-life is responsible for ensuring continue use of business growth.

Plastic is not perfect for packing things. Now that we have it, it can’t be avoid. But here are some other materials that you can use instead of plastic to keep products safe and eco-friendly.