Easy things to draw for beginners. Drawing super simple and simple doodles is the perfect way to start with the ball journaling, or just expand your drawing capabilities so you can add more illustrations of your caption and calligraphy work! So I share more than easy to draw to start you in the doodle world! The Thing That Many People Think That It Is a Waste of Time to Add Many Details to Bullet Magazines, But I Think You Make Doodles Happy, is More Than Enough Of A Reason To Evolve To Continue Practicing New Doodles with cool drawing ideas.

Many people think that when doodles are very simple, there is no way what they do is art, but I’m here to tell them that it is totally! Even if you think you are not “artistic”, everyone can learn to be an artist. And this super simple and extremely adorable doodle can be the perfect way to start you!

All things we will learn to draw

I thought I thought I would try to cover as many categories of cool drawing ideas in this post, but I have extensive guides, like other things like leaves and an upcoming contribution to flowers and roses can draw. So in this post, I will meet many of the other cute things that you can attract in your journal, notebook, or lettering. Do you enjoy seeing them all jointly?

Drawing supplies

Firstly, we have to cover ourselves with what they need to start with cool drawing ideas  for sketching, because even though they can wear this doodle with what they are nearby, if they are ready to test something else, here is the list of all things, I use for drawing, sketching and coloring. If you are looking for sketch paper, this HP Paper Rem is that I recommend using brush calligraphy is also wonderful for doodles, you can also use tracing paper to create “Layer” and correct your drawings.

I also recommend this journal if you do not have one, and this notebook where you want to add watercolor details, or you want to make sure that you cannot bleed on your pages as they can color and sketch on both sides of the pages. If you want to work on your iPad instead, you can see a list of my current digital drawing setup and recommendations here. Again, you can read and recommend everything about the Coverage brush.


Bring your childhood memories back to cartoon clouds. Even the easiest of them are so pretty. You can draw clouds in countless ways, z. B there are many cool drawing ideas. small raindrops or rainbow or polka dots in the clouds.

Vase with flowers

It is also minimalist and adorable to have only a flower in a small vase. If you want, you can draw it smaller or bigger with many cool drawing ideas, which you prefer. This vase is one of my favorites, and therefore I have some lines included to indicate that it is transparent.


In the words of the poet, Robert Frost makes a good fencing good neighbor. I love drawing fences of all kinds, whether white pickets fences, split rail fences, or wrought iron fences.

The light bulb

We still use heavy incandescent lamps today, as they are symbols of creativity and ideas. You can pull something in a light bulb if you want a lighting challenge.

Railway tracks

It is dangerous to sketch railroad tracks, so I do not recommend going near you. However, you can use many pictures as references, and they are ideal for the practice.


It is incredibly detailed when closing on a strawberry so it is an excellent topic for a detailed sketch.


There are so many different ways to interpret the form of raindrops because they are their unique shape! If you want, you can make patterns of raindrops or catch the appearance of raindrops realistic when they fall on a glass panel, or how they hit the floor.


Kite flying is fun! If it is not windy, or kites are not available, you can draw a kite! You can choose from so many types and shapes!


Draw simple circles and lines when drawing planets if you want to have a minimalist approach. By adding tiny craters to the planet, you can add depth. You can also pull stars around you.

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon

You can make a hot balloon beautiful and whimsical when you get up in the sky. Getting a look at the one insight is no longer common in real life, but you can find many photos online that you can study for drawing ideas.


If you know the drawing parts, is crucial when the drawing is as realistic as possible. Even if you make simple drawings or doodles to capture the essence of the leaf, it is still good to learn some basic concepts about leaves.


If you add new lines or change the point on an arrow, you can create different arrows. If you want to make yourself more interesting, you can add lines and points. To give your arrows a tribal or a bohemian look, you may want to attach a nice pen to you if you want.

Globe Fruits

You must keep an eye on three things when you pull a fruit shell. The structure is the first thing you need to consider. It must offer both the bowl and the fruit interior. Then make sure your drawing has a pleasant composition. First, make sure the bowl and fruits have both symmetrical positions.


In the modern world, skyscrapers are everywhere, so they can draw various skyscrapers based on what they see. Draw iconic skyscrapers in your sketchbook, z. B. Taipei 101, the bank of China tower or the Chrysler building in its local city.


Speed ​​is the name of the game when it comes to racing cars. Make a simple racing car drawing of the type you prefer. Whether old-fashioned or a racing machine for the NASCAR event is suitable, it does not matter what kind of car it is.

Tea mug

A variety of receptacles can be utilized to drink teacups, mugs, or even straight from the kettle. The mug is probably the most traditional way to drink tea. Those who are teal lovers can draw a few pretty teacups.

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