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Would you like to view Instagram stories secretly? Check out Dumpor Instagram Video Viewer again if that’s the case! In terms of social media marketing, Instagram is a very popular platform. If you don’t have an account, you can only view certain content. After a short time, the user will need to sign in or register.
The content of other accounts can be viewed without logging in for some people who wish to remain anonymous. Profiles of others cannot be seen secretly by anyone. Logging into other Instagram accounts is easy with Dumpor.
Let’s examine this tool in more detail.

What is Dumpor? It’s a secret Instagram story viewer 

Dumpor is the best app for viewing Instagram stories secretly. It can hide your identity from other users and can easily overhear conversations. Dumpor provides an option to hide yourself when making posts on Instagram. It’s also possible to play sounds (with sound activated mode) and view videos without triggering any notification on your device, which makes it the best tool for viewing private photos and videos.



Dumpor has a lot of features that allow you to view Instagram stories, browse hashtags and filter feeds to find new friends and follow them.

How does Dumpor work?

Instagram Story viewer Dumper allows you to view stories anonymously. Those who have removed stories from their accounts will be able to see all the stories they have deleted. It is useful for users who need to see which stories have been deleted by another user.

The Dumper app can be downloaded from the app store or the web. Free and no confirmation is required.

Dumpor working process

A program called Dumper summarizes Instagram stories.

 In addition to being free, it simplifies the process of reading long Instagram Stories.

  • As part of the scanning process, Dumper collects all the pictures in the story. These photos are analyzed by a machine-learning algorithm.
  •  Information such as location, hashtags, and users that have liked or mentioned the story is extracted.
  • An overview of the story is created by Dumper once the information has been gathered.

A description of the scene, essential quotes from the story, and information about those pictured are included in this summary.

  • You can also install Dumper as a Chrome extension for Firefox.
  • Mobile devices like iOS and Android can also be used to read stories with Dumpor.

Dumpor app log in process

  1. Google Play, Apple’s App Store, or Google Play is the only way to download the Dumpor app.
  2. When you have installed the app, open it and click “View anonymous stories” once you have done that.

3. The private Instagram stories will then be available for you to browse.

4. The poster’s profile photo and all the information about the story can be found here.

5. A story’s page can be accessed by clicking on its title.

6. This website is easy to use and contains information about every story you might be interested in.

Most important characteristics of Dumpor

Taking a closer look at the Dumpor, let’s consider its main features.

As Dumper’s first service, anonymous Instagram story views are an option for users to choose from.

  • You can also download Instagram videos with Dumpor. Videos can’t yet be downloaded from Instagram’s official account.
  • Dumpor allows you to view other people’s Instagram accounts in secret.
  • The interface of Dumpor is user-friendly. Dumpor can be used by anyone.
  • Your Instagram account can be analyzed quickly by Dumpor.
  • Using hashtags, you can find what you’re looking for.
  • You can use it for free and it is very easy to use.

Alternates to dumpor app

Instagram Stories anonymous viewers have several options. There was a recent release of these alternatives. In spite of their shortcomings, these alternatives are better than the ones currently available.


 You don’t need to sign in or use any additional applications to view Instagram Stories anonymously with InstaDump. Besides saving stories, users can search for specific stories.


Dumper might be best served by an installer. Instagram story browsing is possible without revealing the identities of the users. Posts and stories can be viewed immediately with this app.


With Instagram Stories, you can browse and review Instagram posts anonymously. You will need to enter your username in the search box once you have visited the tool. Once you have selected the icon, click “Search”. The results will appear.

Izoom you

Instagram profile photos can be enlarged using IzzoomYou. Instagram profiles, stories, posts, and photos can be viewed, downloaded, and viewed on your mobile device using this app.

4k Stogram

Instagram videos, stories, and pictures can all be downloaded via 4k Stogram. Downloading images and videos from an Instagram account requires copying the username.


It is possible to use Picxwox instead of dump. Download and view images and stories according to your preference with this driver. In 2022, you should use this tool to stay anonymous on Instagram.


From any web browser, you can search Instagram stories and articles for public Instagram accounts using Dumpor Instagram tools. Their profiles will be displayed along with their followers, accounts, and blog posts.

 Even after their stories are deleted in 24 hours, you can still access their articles and stories. Exclusive accounts will not be able to use this tool. Posts, stories, and other details will not be visible, but you can still see the account.

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