Best drawing ideas for sketchbook. Do you want inspiration to draw ideas in your sketchbook? Whether you use ink, pencil, or charcoal to start. This list of drawing ideas will encourage you to doodle, draw or draw something every day of the year. You can choose to draw a drawing every day, go through the collection in order, or jump and choose your favorites!

Here are the best drawing ideas to inspire.

The drawing principles, such as dimensions, perspective, value, and composition, must constantly be studied and practiced. But there are moments when you enjoy sketching. It is also easy to stay stuck in a rut sketchbook when you want to draw, but you cannot think of anything to draw.

Park view

Parks are excellent sources of inspiration for cool drawings easy. Take some pictures of monuments, benches, and scenes that attract your attention, or spend time in the park with your sketchbook, drawing the many scenes you see.

Hot air balloon

The hot air balloons are fascinating to observe in the sky and can be beautiful and fanciful to draw. Although you are unlikely to witness a flying passage in real life, there are a plethora of online photographs that you can use as a guide.


In the fall, you may notice leaves on the field, and in the spring and summer, you may notice leaves on the trees. To sketch, choose some forms of different leaves.


We say that once you have learned to cycle, you will never forget it, so why not try to learn how to sketch a bike? You can go for realism or produce a silly doodle.


The hedgehogs are small spinous creatures from Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. Make it one now!

Fruit bowl

The traditional life of fruit fruits may not seem like the subject of the most imaginative design ideas, but did you try it? You could be pleasantly surprised. A still life with bananas, oranges, apples, or grapes could also draw ideas.

Tropical fish

Consider an angelfish, a clownfish, or even a butterfly as an easy subject to draw.


There are so many fantastic examples of skyscraper architecture in our cities that you will never miss ideas for different types of sketch skyscrapers. Take your sketch in a nearby town or draw famous skyscrapers like China Tower Bank, Taipei 101, or Chrysler Building.


Dragons are mythical creatures described in art since the dawn of humanity. Draw a dragon that looks like a knight in dazzling armor, a Chinese dragon, or even a good dragon who assists you with roasting the marshmallows.


Draw keys to unlock the power of your imagination! You can draw key ideas from the old skeleton or sketch the keys to your portfolio or home key.


Have you ever been intimate with a volcano? They can be fascinating themes for art and sketching, even if you have seen them only in movies or images.

Sailing boat

Sailboats are commonly seen on lakes and marinas, and their sails can have a variety of magnificent designs.


I have a little time to draw on a blanket in your garden or a park.

Family members

You can have a family member while you sketch a photo of them, or you can pull up ideas for a portrait of someone you know.



Drawing ideas for a feather bird is very fun! You can make them in the form of an icon or try to build a real pen nib.

The kitchen

The kitchens are prepared, but they are also an excellent space to sketch out a preview of your daily routine.


Constantly orbiting our planet, the satellites are fascinating objects with various geometric lines to practice drawing ideas with.


The penguins are seabirds that prefer to live in colder environments. They can’t fly, but they like to swim!

Sketch of fashion

What’s hot in the fashion industry now? Create your fashion sketches by offering your fashion samples or taking inspiration from the ideas of some of the most famous fashion designers.


What is the best thing about extraterrestrials as the subject of the sketch? Because they are so rare that you can see them in real life, you can make them appear in virtually anything your imagination can evoke.


Configure a native lifetime with shoes from your closet, or crunch those feet. Cats and puppies are two of the numerous popular pets in the world.

Your cellphone

Come on. You’ve had yourself all this time. Get out, put it on the table and start drawing.

A cup of coffee

Drawing ideas are a good morning exercise with your coffee. Whether it’s a black coffee in an old mug or a sophisticated latte, you should try this.

Plants at home

Do you have indoor facilities? Draw a portrait and make it attractive. Otherwise, search for a photo of a plant you want to have at home on Google.

A beautiful pattern

Start by drawing whirlwinds, dots, scratches, zigzags, or anything you choose to create a fun design. For ideas, search for “punching.”

A world map.

A sphere on a stand is an excellent learning tool on dimensions and symmetry. While you’re there, you can jerk off to your knowledge of geography!

Pens and pencils

Almost all artists have a stash of themselves, then collaborate with double service! Get your pencils and start drawing ideas.


Get an idea of ​​drawing clothes stacked on your floor (to make sure you have one). Or you can sketch clothes on hangers, which is very fun. Try sketching clothes on a human or a model for more difficulty.

Apples and bananas

Make a dead living with fruits from your fridge. When you’re done, reward yourself with a healthy snack.

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